Rotary Athletic Park of Olds

3901 70 Avenue
Ball Diamond, Batting Cage, Horseshoe Pits, Soccer


Rotary Athletic Park Sports Field Bookings

The Rotary Athletic Park of Olds is open for seasonal bookings on recreational reserve lands in northwest Olds - see map here. This is a multi-use regional facility with athletic fields developed for soccer, baseball diamonds, horseshoe pits, and washroom facilities. The recreation site is well integrated with the surrounding community through a series of on-street and off-street pathways that provide direct connections to the site. Use is by scheduled bookings only.  


To book parks or sports fields, contact our Facility Bookings team. 

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Adapting to Community Growth

This type of facility meets community needs leading into the next quarter century, support activity, encourage an active healthy lifestyle, and be a part of the development growth of the community. The concept plans were developed through community consultations.

Park Facilities

Two Softball Diamonds
Both 275’ from homeplate to centerfield outfield fence
Five-row bleacher at each diamond
Concrete spectator pad provided 
One power outlet provided at each diamond
One water fountain provided at each diamond

Two Baseball Diamonds
One is 365’ from home plate to centerfield outfield fence 
One is 382’ from home plate to centerfield outfield fence
Both have a five-row bleacher at the diamond
Both have concrete spectator pads.
One power outlet is provided at each diamond
One water fountain is provided at each diamond

Batting Cage
One bay batting cage with artificial turf matting. 

Horseshoe Pits
There are 10 National level Horseshoe pits constructed and fenced in.
One power outlet
One water fountain 

Soccer Fields
Major/Minor fields.

Two minor fields run E/W

One Major field running N/S
Total of two major fields measuring 80m x 100m
Total four minor fields measuring 40m x 80m
One water fountain provided at the pathway for the fields

Washroom Structure
Mens' and Womens' bathroom
Two stalls in each washroom
Water is provided. 


The only lights provided on site are the parking lot lights. No lights at the play fields. 


2.97km of paved pathways

Parking Lot
Completely paved.
363 regular stalls
6 barrier free stalls

Inclusive Playground 

A new Inclusive Playground is at Rotary Athletic Park immediately north of the concession/washroom building.

Visit the Interactive Playground Page