Winter Road Maintenance

The Public Works department works hard to ensure roadways and alleys are maintained and kept accessible to all residents.

  • Emergency routes, main collectors and school routes take priority
  • Please be patient during periods of heavy snowfall or other extreme weather. Maintenance crews will to get to your area as quickly as possible.
  • Watch Town of Olds Social Media feeds for the most up to date information regarding which priority area's will be completed. 
  • Sign up for email notices for snow removal

Highway Services

Maintenance of Highway 27 (46 Street) and Highway 2A (46 Avenue) is done by Volker Stevin, under contract with Alberta Transportation.  As these are provincial highways, they are not owned or maintained by the Town of Olds.

All requests for road maintenance on these two streets should be directed to Volker Stevin, at 888-877-6237.

Vehicles on snow removal routes will be towed 

Parked vehicles during snow removal create many challenges for crews which increase snow  removal costs.
Snow removal in residential areas begins at 7:00 am and any vehicles that have not been moved will be towed to an adjacent street at the owner's expense.  
As per Section 3.2 of the Town's Traffic Bylaw, signs will be posted in applicable areas 12 hours in advance of scheduled maintenance. Notifications will also be posted through the Town of Olds website and Town social media channels  - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Residents can also subscribe to email notifications for snow clearing or other road maintenance events.

Please note: Snow removal in the Purple and Red areas of the Priority Map listed below usually starts very early (2 - 3 am) as an early-morning start streamlines the snow-removal process. Starting early enables crews to avoid traffic and incidents with pedestrian traffic. In the Uptowne Core, it allows business traffic and parking to be cleared in time for morning business hours. Red areas are main arteries and emergency routes and receive priority.