Winter Road Maintenance

The Public Works department works hard to ensure roadways and alleys are maintained and kept accessible to all residents.

  • Emergency routes, main collectors and school routes take priority
  • Snow removal on the Purple and Red routes (see Priority Map below) could start as early as 2:00am.
  • Snow removal on all other routes will begin as early as 7:00am.

Winter Road Maintenance Notification and Updates

Parked Vehicles

  • Ticketing and towing will only occur on Purple routes (Uptowne) which are permanently signed. 
  • Ticketing and towing can commence any time between 10:00PM and 06:00AM
  • See the  UPTOWNE CORE PARKING BROCHURE for overnight parking lot locations
  • On all other routes, crews will plow around vehicles parked on roadways during snow clearing efforts. This may result in your vehicle being blacked by snow piles

Towed Vehicles

  • If your vehicle has been towed it will be with one of these local tow companies:
  • Torrock Towing  5119-49 Avenue
  • Hustler Towing   5703-48 Avenue
  • Please call these towing companies before you report your vehicle stolen. The RCMP do not have information relating to where your vehicle was taken or is being stored.

To Dispute A Ticket

If you have concerns regarding the issuance of a ticket or the towing of your vehicle, we first encourage you to refer to the Town of Olds website under snow removal to inform yourself of the snow removal policies and bylaws of the Town. 


If the ticket is unjust, there are two methods of action:

1.  Contact Olds Municipal Enforcement ( and provide the ticket number and let them know that you would like to go to trial over the matter. 

2.  If you do not pay the ticket in the period of time indicated on the ticket, it will automatically be elevated to a Provincial citation where a new copy will be mailed to you which will give you the option of pleading “not guilty” which will provide option to appear before a justice to plea your case.  The Town of Olds Municipal Enforcement department or its staff will not discuss the relevance of the ticket issued or entertain reversal of its issuance. 


Highway Services

Maintenance of Highway 27 (46 Street) and Highway 2A (46 Avenue) is done by Volker Stevin, under contract with Alberta Transportation. As these are provincial highways, they are not owned or maintained by the Town of Olds.

All requests for road maintenance on these two streets should be directed to Volker Stevin, at 888-877-6237.