Trails and Pathways

We love our Trail System!

The Town's trail system consists more than 20 kilometers of both paved and unpaved trails, and routes are incorporated by town streets. Trails wind through parks and natural areas, providing a wonderful experience to users. 

Nordic Ski Trails

Trail Creek Trails

Mountain View Nordic Ski Club sets the track and maintains the trails.

Directions: From Olds, head South to the elevator, turn West on Twp 324, go past RR30 and the Gordon Ingram Farm, then turn North on the gasfield service road for approximately 1 km. Please mind the gates. Membership recommended.

Parking: Look for the PARK signs at the trailhead, and farther North at the fork in the road. Please do not block the oilfield road - it is an active wellsite.

The trails are maintained by volunteers with the Mountain View Nordic Ski Club. 

The Town of Olds thanks the dedicated volunteers who set and maintain the ski trails for community use.

For more information on the Mountain View Nordic Ski Club, email, visit the club's  website or follow their Facebook page.

These shared pathways and trails can be used for both recreation and commuting,  allowing you to safely enjoy the outdoors - on your bike, on foot, or with your dog. Remember - Share the Trail.

Walking/Biking Trails

Imperial Loop est 3.2 km

Sierra Loop est 3.5 km

Deer Meadow Loop est 3.3 km

Hartman Green - Centennial Loop est 2.5 km

Deer Ridge Loop est 2.25 km

Please note: This trail extends into a newer area of Olds that has not been completely mapped out by Google Maps. Only a portion of this loop is showing in the above interactive map.

The purple line on the image to the right shows an approximation of the full loop.






Olds Rocks Sculpture Path

Rotary Athletic Park Pathways - est 2.2 km

Off-Leash Dog Park - est 2.8 km