Assessment Complaints

The Assessment Review Period is your opportunity to review your assessment, receive more information about your assessment and if necessary discuss your assessment with us.

Submit an Inquiry

If you have questions, think your assessment may be wrong or the data is incorrect please contact the Town of Olds appointed assessor Grant Clark at 888-419-2128 or fill out an Assessment Inquiry Request

Review Process

The Town appointed assessor may then inspect the property and correct the assessment if necessary. If the assessor agrees that the original notice is not accurate, a new notice will be issued. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the assessor review you may then appeal the assessment to the Assessment Review Board.

Central Alberta Assessment Review Board

The Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board (RARB) is an independent quasi-judicial board established by the authority of the Municipal Government Act, this board is responsible for making decisions regarding property assessment complaints. 

Decisions of the RARB apply the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness in a consistent manor.  

There are two types of assessment review boards that hear property assessment appeals:

  • Local Assessment Review Board (LARB)
    • Residential property with three or fewer dwelling units
    • Farmland
    • A tax notice other than a property tax notice 
  • Composite Assessment Review Board (CARB) 
    • Residential property with four or more dwelling units
    • Non-residential property

    This board provides a mechanism for citizens to appeal their property assessments.

    Bylaw 2020-01

How do I appeal my assessment?

Provincial legislation outlines how complaints must be made.

Filing Complaints

Your complaint must be submitted on the Assessment Review Board Complaint Form. If the Complaint is submitted by an Agent who is appointed and acting on behalf of the property owner, an Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form will also be required.

Both forms are available on the Municipal Affairs website (in pdf format).

Form Guidelines

The required forms must be completed as prescribed. Significant errors could lead to the complaint being dismissed as invalid.

Points to note:

  • The form must be completed in full.
  • An agent may file a complaint on your behalf if you complete an Agent Authorization Form and include it with the complaint.
  • Your complaint must explain why you think the information or assessed value shown on your Property Assessment and Taxation Notice is incorrect.
  • You must include the correct information. If you disagree with the assessed value, you must include what you believe the assessed value should be.
  • Your complaint must be accompanied by the application fee as set out in the Town of Olds Rates Bylaw.
  • Your complaint must be submitted to:

          Town Of Olds
         4512 46 Street
         Olds, AB T4H 1R5

The Alberta Municipal Affairs website also provides online information in the form of various guides, frequently asked questions, and other resources.


If you have any questions about filing a complaint, contact the Clerk of the Regional Assessment Review Board. The Clerk is located in the Legislative Services department, 2nd Floor, City Hall.
Phone: 403-342-8132

Assessment Review Board Forms

Please fill out the forms and return them to the Town office at 4512 46 Street. 

Read more about Assessment Complaints and Appeals on the Alberta Municipal Affairs website.


Before your appeal will be considered, you are required to pay a Complaint Fee as per the Town of Olds Rates Bylaw.

Complaint fees for the assessment complaint process are:

  • Residential (three or fewer dwellings) - $50.00 per complaint
  • Residential (four or more dwellings) - $250.00 per complaint
  • Non-residential – $250.00 per complaint

Note: the fee is refundable if the appeal is successful.