Policies and Priorities Committee Bylaw


Bylaw 2020-16



WHEREAS under the authority of and subject to the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, Statutes of Alberta, Chapter M-26 and amendments thereto (hereinafter referred to as the “MGA”) a Municipal Council is authorized to do something by resolution or to do something without specifying that it be done by bylaw or resolution, it may be done by resolution or bylaw.

WHEREAS it is deemed expedient by Council that a Bylaw provide for the establishment and processes of a Town of Olds Council Policies and Priorities Committee.

NOW THEREFORE the Council in the Town of Olds, in the Province of Alberta, in open meeting assembled, enacts as follows:

TITLE:   This Bylaw may be referred to as the, ‘Policies and Priorities Committee Bylaw.’

Name and Composition:
1. (1)    The ‘Policies and Priorities Committee’ is the formal designation of the Committee of the Whole, and is comprised of each member of the Town of Olds Council.  

Staff Support:
2. (1)    The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), or their designate, is the principal advisor to the Policies and Priorities Committee.  Attendance of specific municipal staff is at the discretion of the CAO.

3. (1)    The Policies and Priorities Committee is advisory in nature, making recommendations to Council by way of resolution.  No decisions will be made by Council at a Council Policies and Priorities Committee meeting.  These meetings serve as an opportunity for Council to be provided with information on governance and policy matters. These meetings serve as an opportunity for Council to seek clarification on matters relating to Council business.

Frequency of meetings:
4. (1)    One (1) meeting each month, held in the Council Chambers, Olds Municipal Office on the first Monday of each month at 1:00 p.m.

5. (1)    The meetings are to be chaired by each member of Council excluding the Mayor (Chief Elected Official); in Two (2) month terms, and following the Organizational Meeting approved Deputy Mayors Schedule. The rotation will begin each November.

6. (1)    The Committee is intended principally as a forum for discussion rather than as a decision making venue.

6. (2)    The Committee meeting is to comply with legislation that is applicable for Regular Council meetings and / or Council Committee meetings as described in the MGA, as well as adhere to the Town of Olds Procedural Bylaw. 

6. (3)    The Policies and Priorities Committee meetings shall be a public meeting, open to the public to observe only.

6. (4)    Delegations may make presentations to the Policies and Priorities Committee by appointment only.

6. (5)    The Committee may determine to meet in a Closed Session on a vote of the Committee of Council.

6. (6)    The Committee may refer an item to the CAO for additional information or clarification but must move the issue forward to Council for consideration and decision upon receipt of the required information.

6. (7)    Minute recording will take place at each meeting of the Policies and Priorities Committee and be maintained as an Official Record of the Town of Olds.

Mandate to review and develop policy recommendations in the following areas:
7.     (a)     Hear from delegations and / or refer delegations to Council.
    (b)    Review matters forwarded by the CAO.
    (c)    Consider matters placed on the agenda by other members of Council and / or refer such issues to the CAO for a report.
    (d)    Make recommendation(s) on matters which are within current policy.
    (e)    Issues facing the municipality.
    (f)     Policy development.
    (g)     Bylaw development.
    (h)     Business planning and budget.
    (i)    Legal services and agreements.
    (j)     Land sales or purchases.

Order of Business:
8. The business of the Council intended to be dealt with shall be stated in the agenda in the following order:
1.    Call to order
a) Added Items
b) Adoption of the agenda
2.    Adoption of Previous Minutes
3.    Reports/Statistics
4.    Presentations and Delegations
5.    Business Arising Out of the Minutes/Unfinished Business
6.    Bylaws
7.    New Business
8.    Adjournment

Media Scrum to be held at the end or during a recess of each council meeting where the media will be given an opportunity to speak with, ask questions of the elected officials and administration. 

The order of business established in the foregoing paragraph shall apply unless Council otherwise determines, by a majority vote of the members of Council present.  A vote upon a matter of priority shall be decided without debate.

9.    MGA quorum requirements will prevail for the Council Policies and Priorities Committee.

10.    A permanent Standing Committee of Council.

11. Bylaw 2019-26 is hereby repealed and all amendments thereto are hereby repealed.

Read a first time on the thirteenth day of October, 2020.
Read a second time on the thirteenth day of October, 2020.
Received unanimous consent for presentation of third reading given on the thirteenth day of October, 2020.
Read a third time the thirteenth day of October, 2020.

________________________________        ___________________________________
Michael Muzychka, Mayor                Michael Merritt, Chief Administrative Officer

SIGNED by the Chief Elected Official and the Chief Administrative Officer the fifteenth day of October, 2020.

September 8, 2008    Town of Olds Bylaw No. 2008-21 Policies and Priorities Committee
October 27, 2008     Town of Olds Bylaw No. 2008-25 Policies and Priorities Amendment
January 12, 2009    Town of Olds Bylaw No. 2009-03 Policies and Priorities Amendment
March 14, 2016        Town of Olds Bylaw No. 2016-04 Policies and Priorities Amendment
December 18, 2017    Town of Olds Bylaw No. 2017-23 (consolidating all 4 existing P&P bylaws)
October 28, 2019    Town of Olds Bylaw No. 2019-26 (repeals 2017-23) 

Download the official signed version of this bylaw (pdf)