Broadband Investment Committee


Bylaw 2021-03 

WHEREAS section 145 of the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, c. M-26 (the MGA) provides that a council may pass bylaws in relation to the establishment and functions of council committees and the procedures to be followed by council committees; 
WHEREAS section 146(a) of the MGA provides that a council committee may consist entirely of councillors; 
WHEREAS it is deemed expedient by Council to establish a Council Committee on Broadband Investment; and 
NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Town of Olds, in the Province of Alberta, in open meeting assembled, enacts as follows: 
TITLE: This Bylaw may be referred to as the, 'Broadband Investment Committee Bylaw.' 
Name and Composition: 
1. (1) The 'Broadband Investment Committee' (the Committee) is established as a council committee and shall be comprised of the Mayor and those members of the Town of Olds Council who were appointed to the Deputy Mayor schedule as per the October 26th, 2020 Organizational Meeting of Council. 
Staff Support: 
2. (1) The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO}, or their designate, is the principal advisor to the Broadband Investment Committee. Attendance of specific municipal staff at meetings of the Committee is at the discretion of the CAO. 
3. (1) The Broadband Investment Committee is advisory in nature, making recommendations to Council by way of motion/resolution to Council at a regular or special council meeting on matters related to the Town of Olds investment in Broadband. 
Frequency of meetings: 
4. (1) Meetings will be held at the call of the Chair.
5. (1) Meetings will be chaired by the Mayor (Chief Elected Official) of the Town of Olds.
6. (1) Committee meetings are to comply with the provisions that are applicable to council committee meetings as prescribed in the MGA, as well as adhere to the Town of Olds Council and Committee Procedural Bylaw. 
6. (2) The Broadband Investment Committee meetings shall be open to the public, subject to the right of the Committee to close all or part of their meetings to the public in accordance with section 197 of the MGA. 
6. (3) Delegations may make presentations to this Committee by appointment only. 6. (4) Minute recording will take place at each meeting of the Broadband Investment Committee and will be maintained as an official record of the Town of Olds. 
7.    The Committee shall review and make recommendations to Council in the following areas:
(a)    matters related to the Town of Olds broadband investment; and
(b)    matters related to the Town of Olds forbearance agreements with Olds Fibre Ltd. and the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development (OICRD). 
Order of Business: 
8.    The business of the Committee intended to be dealt with shall be stated in the agenda in the following order:
1.    Call to order
a)    Added Items
b)    Adoption of the agenda
2.    Adoption of Previous Minutes
3.    Presentations and Delegations
4.    Business Arising Out of the Minutes
5.    New Business
6.    Adjournment
9. MGA quorum requirements will prevail for the Broadband Investment Committee.
10. Administration shall bring forward this bylaw for review prior to September 30, 2021.
Effective Date: 
11. This Bylaw shall come into force and effect upon receipt of third reading and being duly signed.

Read a first time this eleventh day of January, 2021. 
Read a second time this eleventh day of January, 2021. 
Read a third this thirteenth day of January, 2021. 

Mayor Michael Muzychka


Michael Merritt, CAO


SIGNED by the Chief Elected Official and the Chief Administrative Officer this thirteenth day of January, 2021. 

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