Property Tax Recovery

Warning Notice

Any property with tax arrears of more than one year, will receive a warning notice from The Town of Olds. This will provide important information on minimum amounts that must be paid to prevent escalated tax recovery action.

Tax Recovery Notification

Any property with tax arrears of more than one year will have a Tax Recovery Notification registered on the certificate of title. For Designated Manufactured Homes, a Tax Recovery Lien will be registered on the Personal Property through Alberta Registries.

A $30 charge will be levied against the property tax account when the Tax Notification Lien is registered on title.

Alberta Land Titles will notify all parties with a registered interest on title of The Town's tax recovery lien.

The tax recovery notification from the Registrar of Land Titles states "if the tax arrears in respect of the parcel of land are not paid before March 31 in the next year, the municipality will offer the parcel for sale at a public auction."

Note: Parties receiving this notice could include mortgage holders, caveators, encumbrancees, etc.

Tax Recovery Notification Removal

Once payment of the tax arrears is received, The Town of Olds will send instructions to remove the tax recovery notification to Alberta Land Titles or Personal Properties. Payment of the full tax arrears will prevent a property from being sold at a public auction. 

For all payment methods see Property Tax Payment.

Contact Information

For queries or to make payment arrangements:

     Email: or call

     Call: 403-556-6981

Current Auctions

Public Sale of Land
(Municipal Government Act)
Town of Olds

The Public Auction scheduled for Thursday, October 26, 2023 has been cancelled as payment of all arrears of taxes and costs were made prior to the sale.