Olds Splashpark

5037 53 Street


Opening day for 2024 season is tentatively June 17!

The Olds Splashpark is integrated into the existing pathway system in Centennial Park. There are  twelve water features to play in.  The site is wheelchair accessible and we welcome all aid devices at the park. We do ask for bikes, skateboards, wagons, buggies, etc. not to be used on the  cement splash pad to reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria entering into the  Splashpark's circulation system.

A shower and footbath is available to take cleansing showers prior to splashpark use. This assists in maintaining water quality.  Washroom facilities are also available in Centennial Park.

Tentative Season: Mid June (weather permitting) to September long weekend.

Hours of Admission: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily. (closed 5:00 - 6:00 PM daily for maintenance)

Admission:  FREE

  • Do not attend or use the Splashpark if you are feeling unwell.
  • Use of the Splashpark is at your own risk. 

To report an issue at the park please call the Town's on-call phone: 403.994.3700.

Conserving Water at the Olds Splashpark:  A Commitment to Sustainability

Tentative open date for the 2024 season is June 17th. 

The 2024 summer season is here!  We’re proud to share how we’re making a splash in water conservation by recirculating the water, all while ensuring endless hours of enjoyment for our community in our community Splashpark.

Recirculation for Resourcefulness:

Instead of constantly drawing fresh water and sending the water straight down the drain, our splashpark uses a recirculation system that efficiently filters and reuses the water, significantly reducing our water consumption.  Good for water conservation and operations!

Water Quality Maintenance:

Our dedicated staff at the Olds Aquatic Centre diligently monitor and maintain the water quality to ensure it’s balanced for both safety and sustainability.  This creates a safe and enjoyable experience for our visitors and optimizes the efficiency of our recirculation system.

Adhering to High Standards: 

Just like a public pool, our splashpark falls under stringent guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of our visitors.  Water samples are collected and submitted to Alberta Health Services (AHS) weekly for bacteriological testing.


Join us in making a splash for water conservation this summer!  Together, we can create lasting memories while preserving our most precious resource.  See you at the splashpark!