2020 Road Construction

Construction will be taking place at several locations in Olds over the summer. Please note that traffic and/or access could be affected. Individual projects listed below. 

Duncan Place:

  • Road reconstruction
  • No Deep utility construction.
  • Expected construction duration is 4 weeks. (Weather dependent)
  • Expected start date of August 4. (Weather dependent)
  • Notice to Residents

57 Ave:

  • No deep utility construction 
  • Road reconstruction in areas of road failure.
  • Asphalt overlay.
  • There will be a full road closure for approximately a week to a week and a half. This is scheduled for mid-August. More info to come.
  • Approximate construction duration is 3 weeks.

52 Ave and HWY 27 Intersection:

  • This is a formal road closure. 
  • Concrete barricades will be removed and new curb will be installed along Highway 27.
  • Topsoil will be placed to extend the boulevard. 
  • A new sidewalk will be poured to connect across the closed intersection.
  • Anticipated start date: Aug. 4. (Weather dependent)
  • Anticipated duration: three weeks. (Weather dependent)

70 Ave south:

  • From HWY 27 to the south edge of the Highlands (approximately 1 mile)
  • Asphalt overlay and road reconstruction.
  • Spot repairs will be completed at road failures.
  • A section along the Highlands will receive asphalt pulverisation and re-shaped for re-paving. 

65 Ave and HWY 27: (North side of the intersection by the UFA and Art Commons)

  • This is a mill and overlay.
  • Traffic delays should be expected.

50 Ave & 54 Street:

  • Mill and overlay of this intersection.
  • Installation of a concrete drainage swale.
  • A road closure may be required for this swale. (working through the details of this currently)
  • Settlement repairs in front of the bowling alley, and the strip mall to the North.