Recycling Roundup

Thank you Olds!

Due to overwhelming response to the Recycling Roundup, more pickup days have been added to the event through to Saturday. If you have left your items out on the scheduled day and they have not been picked up, please leave them out and the drivers will get to them. If they haven’t been picked up by Friday morning, please call the town office and advise staff.

Leave these items out for collection on:

  • Monday, July 13 
    Areas with Monday and Tuesday scheduled Blue Bin collection

  • Tuesday, July 14
    Areas with Wednesday and Thursday scheduled Blue Bin collection

  • Friday, July 17 
    Areas with Friday scheduled Blue Bin collection

  • Place these items in the same area you leave your blue bin.
  • Your Blue Bin pick up will be on your regularly scheduled day. This modified schedule only applies to the items listed above.
  • For those without bin pickup, please leave your items on the same side of the street as your neighbors with blue bins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does this program replace the Spring Cleanup Week that was postponed due to Covid-19?

  • A. No. The Spring Cleanup has been rescheduled for the week of July 20 - 24.

Q.  Is my regular schedule for blue bin pickup changing this week?

  • A. No, please place your blue bin out on your normal pickup day. This modified schedule is only for electronics, paint, oil, and tires.

Q.  My bin gets picked up around 7 AM – does this mean I can leave these items out overnight?

  • A. These items may not necessarily be picked up at the same time your blue bin gets picked up, as it is a different truck coming around to collect. If you are placing electronic devices out on the curb, ensure they do not have any personal information that may be used by others. 

Q.  What are all of the recyclables accepted?

  • A. Electronics, Paint and Paint Containers, Tires, Used Oil Materials (filters, empty containers, used oil) are the items that will be picked up.

Q.  Does the used oil need to be in a certain type of container?

  • A. Used oil will need to be in a no spill container and labeled properly.

Q.  Can I place them loose on the curb or do they have to be in boxes or bags?

  • A. Loose on the curb is fine if the items are easily identifiable and will not spill/leak.  This is meant to be an efficient process, so making it easier for the processor collecting the material is preferable.  

Q.  Is it only for people with roll out bins (residential) or can businesses and apartment residents participate?

  • A. It is for all residents and businesses. If you do not have a blue bin, please ensure you are leaving your items in the same area (same side of street or back alley) as your neighbors who have blue bins.

Q.  Is this a one-time event, or will it be a weekly occurrence?

  • A. This is a one-time event. The Town of Olds was privileged to be chosen by Alberta Recycling as their pilot site for this new initiative they have created.