Hildebrand Motors Field

General Information

Located in Rotary Athletic Park of Olds, Hildebrand Motors Field is a natural grass soccer pitch that can be a major field of 70 meters by 100 meters, or split into two minor fields of 40 meters by 80 meters.

Sponsorship from Hildebrand Motors.

Booking Information

Call the Facility Booking Attendant at 403 507-4844 or email emailfacilitybookings@olds.ca
Weather and cancelation
Use of the fields are left to the discretion of the user group, keeping the safety of all participants the highest priority.   If you did not use the field because of weather, contact the facility booking attendant the following workday, and the booking will be removed for the booking contract. 

Fun fact

The fields are designed so that they can be shifted east/west and north/south by the width of the soccer nets to help with turf management. It likely won't be noticeable to the general public, but the fields will move 3 to 5 meters from year to year. 

3901 70 Avenue - Rotary Athletic Park