Town Parks

Town of Olds Parks and Playgrounds

Olds features 15 parks, 3 sportsfields, 9 ball diamonds, and 16 playgrounds with over 300 acres of greenspace. All areas are used for both active and passive enjoyment by the citizens of Olds and area as well as the traveling public.

Trails and Pathways

The Town's trail system consists more than 20 kilometres of both paved and unpaved trails, and routes are incorporated by town streets. Visit the Trails and Pathways page


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    Parks List

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    5707 57 Ave Close
    Playground Equipment
    5037 53 Street
    Skatepark, Splashpark
    4614 48 Avenue
    Playground Equipment
    Deer Meadow; Playground; School; Chinook's Edge
    5411 61 Avenue
    Playground Equipment, Track
    5413 53 Street
    Playground Equipment
    5703 57 Street
    5119 Shannon Drive
    Playground Equipment
    56 Avenue and 53 Street
    Disc Golf Course
    46 Street and 50 Avenue
    32 Briegel Road
    Playground Equipment
    6610-57 Street
    Playground Equipment, Soccer
    4 Beech Crescent
    Playground Equipment
    3 Destiny Lane
    Playground Equipment
    5511 56 Street
    Playground Equipment
    43 Balsam Cr
    Playground Equipment
    4249 54 Avenue
    Playground Equipment

    Ball Diamond, Splashpark
    5013 54 Street
    Ball Diamond, Playground Equipment
    Off-Leash; Dog Park;
    West on Highway 27
    4500 50 Street
    Ball Diamond, Football, Soccer, Tennis
    olds rocks sculpture park
    Along Highway 27 (46 Street) between 61st and 65th Avenues. (near 4514 Imperial Road)
    56 Avenue and 50 Street
    Playground Equipment
    20 Richards Crescent
    Playground Equipment
    Baseball, Soccer, Horseshoe Pits, Walking Trails
    3901 70 Avenue
    Ball Diamond, Horseshoe Pits, Soccer
    Playground Equipment; Handicap Access; Park
    5401 53 Street (Accessible Playground)
    Playground Equipment
    5037 53 Street
    49 Valiant Crescent
    Playground Equipment