Certificate of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance is confirmation that the location of building(s) on the site comply with the requirements of the Town of Olds’s Land Use Bylaw. It does not regulate or enforce any building code requirements. A Certificate of Compliance is usually required by lending agencies in the sale of property and/or mortgage approval in order to protect their client’s investments. The Town does not require you to get a Certificate of Compliance.  It is a service provided by the Town of Olds to assist with real estate transactions.

Receive a Certificate of Compliance

In order to obtain a Certificate of Compliance, an original or digital copy of a Real Property Report, done by an Alberta Land Surveyor, must be submitted to the Town. Please note that the Town will not accept Real Property Reports older than 10 years.  Real Property Reports older than 1 year will require a Statutory Declaration, stating that there have been no changes to the property as shown. A Statutory Declaration can be obtained  at the Town of Olds.

To obtain a Real Property Report, you may contact a surveying company of your choice.

The fee for a Certificate of Compliance is $100.

Certificate of Compliance Policy  703C

Certificate of Compliance Procedure 703P

Certificate of Compliance Request Form