Business Licenses

All businesses operating within the corporate boundaries of the Town of Olds are required to possess a valid Town of Olds Business License.  Call 403-507-4822 if you require further assistance.

2020 Business License Renewals

Business License renewals are due February 28, 2020.  As per the Town of Olds Rates Bylaw 2019-27 effective January 1, 2020, business license fees are as follows:
Resident Business:  $125.00
Non-Resident Business:  $225.00
Payment can be made online at through Virtual City Hall or in person at the Town of Olds Administration Building.

Forms & Links

Optional Online Business Directory Link

Your Business License fee allows you the option of having your business listed in our online Business Directory at no extra charge.

If you have any questions about Business Licenses, email or call the Business License Administrator at 403-507-4822.

Business Types

Resident Business

Any business that ordinarily locates or maintains a permanent place of business within the corporate limits of the Town.

Non-Resident Business

Any business that does not ordinarily locate or maintain a permanent place of business within the corporate limits of the Town.

Temporary Business

A commercial, merchandising or industrial activity or undertaking; a profession, trade, occupation, calling or employment; or, an activity providing goods or services, however formed, including a cooperative or association of persons carried on within the corporate limits of the town of Olds where the duration of the business activity is equal to or less than four consecutive weeks.

Home Occupation

All businesses operating within a residential property require:

  1. Home Occupation Permit

  2. Business License Application 

Non-Profit Society

See Business License Bylaw 2018-47 for more information.

Mobile Vendors

A Mobile Vendor Permit is required for mobile vendors operating within the Town of Olds.

Business License Fees

Yearly Business License

Yearly licenses are for the calendar year, 1 January to 31 December.

  • Resident Business - $125.00 per Calendar Year
  • Non-Resident - $225.00 per Calendar Year

Half-Year Business License Fees - Applicable To First-Time Business Licenses Only

The fee payable for a first time business license issued between 1 July and 31 December is 50% of the applicable license fee for the full year (see fees above).

Temporary Business License Fees

These licenses are for business activity equal to or less than two consecutive weeks. Temporary Licenses terminate upon completion of the four-week time frame as stated on the License.

  • Resident Business (Temporary) - $25.00 per 4 consecutive weeks

  • Non-Resident Business (Temporary) - $50.00 per 4 consecutive weeks

See Business License Bylaw 2018-47 for more information.