Business Licenses & Permits

All businesses operating within the Town of Olds are required to have a Town of Olds Business License. Some businesses need permits as well. Please click on your business type below for more information.

If you are starting a new business, you can use BizPal to help you find whether any more licences or permits are required by the province.

Business License Application Form


Business License Fees

Yearly Business License

  • $125.00 per year - if the business has a permanent location within the Town. (Resident business.)
  • $225.00 per year - if the business doesn't normally operate within the Town. (Non-resident business.)

Licenses are valid for the calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st.

Half-Year Business License Fees

If this is your first time getting a business license, between July 1st and December 31st the fee is only 50% of the yearly fees above.

Temporary Business License Fees

  • Resident Business (Temporary) - $25.00 per 4 consecutive weeks

  • Non-Resident Business (Temporary) - $50.00 per 4 consecutive weeks

Home-Based Business

All home-based businesses are considered a home occupation. Please fill in the Home Occupation Permit form.

If you are doing any renovations to your home, you may also need to complete a Building Permit application.

Class 1 Home Occupation

  • Takes up a maximum of 15 m2 (161 ft2) of your house;
  • Cannot be located outside or in a separate building from your house;
  • Should not create any nuisance or disrupt the privacy of your neighbours
  • Customers are not permitted to visit the home, but deliveries are allowed.
  • Only permanent residents of the home can be employed by the business.

Class 2 Home Occupation

  • Can take up to 30 m2 (333 ft2) OR 20% of your home - whichever is less
  • Outdoor space may be permitted if it will not impact next door neighbours
  • Should not create any nuisance or disrupt the privacy of your neighbours
  • Can accomodate customers as long as the traffic generated doesn't disrupt the neighbourhood.

The following types of businesses are not allowed to operate out of a residential area in the Town of Olds:

  • Commercial dog breeding;
  • Cannabis production, distribution or sales;
  • Vet clinics or hospitals;
  • Dog kennels


Daycares are allowed to operate in your home or commercially in the Town of Olds, with these requirements:

  • Any outdoor play areas are fenced in;
  • On- or off-street parking is available;
  • Alberta Provincial Day Care Regulations are followed.

Limited daycare: can care for a maximum of 6 children, and have 1 additional employee.

Neighbourhood daycare: can care for a maximum of 15 children, and have 2 additional employees. Cannot be located on a corner lot.

Commercial daycare: can care for as many children as on-site parking spaces allow. Number of employees is not limited.

If the daycare operates out of your home, the home can't contain a separate home-based business or a secondary suite.

Mobile Vendors

Mobile Vendor Permit Application Form

Before submitting a permit application with the Town, please determine whether the following are required by the province or federal government:

  • Alberta Health Services Food Handling Permit - if you are selling food
  • Direct Sellers License
  • Fire Inspection
  • Insurance documentation
  • Any other provincial licenses

You will also be asked to provide a photograph of your mobile vending unit, and authorization from the owner of the property where the vending unit will be parked. The fee for a Mobile Vendor permit is $25 for residents and $50 for non-residents.

Mobile Vendors are regulated by Bylaw 2018 - 46.

Sidewalk Cafés & Sales

Sidewalk Café & Sale Permit Application Form

The annual permit fees range from $50 to $150, depending on type of cafe or sale. Please see Bylaw 2018-48 for more information.

You will be asked to provide:

  • A Site Plan
  • Proof of Liability Insurance - minimum of $2M naming the Town of Olds as Additional Named Insured
  • Authorization from the owner the property the Café or Sale will be located in front of
  • Food Handling Permit from Alberta Health Services - if applicable
  • Liquor License from Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission - if applicable

Signs & Murals

Signs and murals are regulated by Schedule D of the Land Use Bylaw. Most signs for commercial purposes require a Development Permit unless they fall within size limitations. The permit fee is $100.

Signs normally don't require a separate Building Permit - with the exception of very large signs suspended off the ground. If you are unsure, please contact the Planning & Development Department.

For questions please e-mail or call 403-507-4822.