Legacy Trees

A Commemorative Tree Program

Celebrate and Grow Together

To honor your family members or friends, sponsor a tree in a Town of Olds park, playground or cemetery. This is a lasting way to commemorate the birth of a child, a family achievement, anniversary, birthday, wedding, graduation, retirement or a death. As your tree grows and changes it will be a beautiful living legacy.

For Your Contribution

You can choose a tree from the approved list of suggested trees (see below). You will be notified when your tree has been planted so you can visit its location. A Certificate of Commemoration will be provided as a lasting keepsake of your sponsorship.

How Legacy Tree Program Works

To support a living legacy, the Town will plant, mulch, nurture and maintain a tree for every person or family sponsored.
For $200, you can sponsor a six- to eight-foot tree from the approved tree list below.
The Town will work with the sponsor to identify a location to plant your commemorative tree. In September or October the Town of Olds Parks Department will plant your tree and provide the care it needs to flourish and grown into maturity. 

Trees may be planted in any of the following parks:

•  Craig’s Corner
•  Hartman Green
•  Frank Wong Memorial
•  Ralph Maybank Memorial
•  Richards Crescent
•  Neil Leatherdale
•  57 Ave. Close
•  56 St. and 56 Ave.
•  Beech Crescent
•  Balsam Crescent
•  OR Hedges
•  Vistas
•  Olds Cemetery
•  Centennial
•  Highlands
•  Herb Samis
•  Briegel

Why Legacy Trees?

Trees make our world a beautiful place. They provide us with many lasting benefits – shade, privacy, increased property value, shelter and food, and they contribute to our mental well-being. Planting trees is one small way each of us can help improve our environment.

Trees bring communities together

All around us, trees mark the spots where every day and extraordinary life happens. They are a focal point in our neighbourhoods and our memories. Each one unique and with a distinct presence, trees mark special occasions in our lives from family picnics to engagements, moments of solitude and reflection to the starting point for new adventures.
Trees provide a place to call home

Trees not only offer us many benefits, including shade – not just for humans but for the other living things that share our planet too - beauty or habitat for wildlife. Trees host many wildlife species, especially birds, and allows us to observe and appreciate the many animals living around them.

Trees make us happy and healthy

There is a growing body of research that shows exposure to trees provide positive health benefits. More specifically, research demonstrates that walking in a forest can decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, increase vigor, decrease cortisol levels, and increase our ability to recover from stress.

Approved Tree List

Colorado Spruce
One of the most popular species of blue-needled conifers and one of the most drought-resistant,
growing up to 60 feet tall.
Ohio Buckeye
Beautiful shade tree with a rounded outline and shiny, dark green foliage. Can grow to 50 feet wide and high.
Bur Oak
A long living tree with unique leaves and seed. These trees can grow up to 80 feet tall.

Siberian Larch
A soft needled conifer that displays a brilliant display of colour before shedding its foliage in the autumn.

Other Options:

• Elm
• Pine
• Weeping Birch
• Hawthorn
• Green Ash
• Paper Birch
• Amur Maple
• Amur Cherry
• Mountain Ash
• Laurel Leaf Willow
• Japanese Tree Lilac
• Swedish Columnar Aspen

Legacy Tree Application Form