Operational Services

Operations Centre: 3501 70 Ave

Public Works & Utilities

Public Works & Utilities is a section within the Operations Department that also includes Engineering, Planning & Development, and Parks & Sportsfields. Public Works & Utilities staff look after the maintenance of the Town's infrastructure, including providing safe, reliable drinking water and underground services, reliable and efficient road network throughout the community.

Town Road Services

The Public Works Department provides services relating to the roadways, alleys and all signage. This also includes winter road maintenance, seasonal street sweeping, pot hole repair, line painting, signage replacement and lane grading. The Town of Olds currently has over 100 kilometres of roadway to maintain.

See the Town's InfraRed Pavement Patcher in action

Highway Services

Maintenance of Highway 27 (46 Street) and Highway 2A (46 Avenue) is done by Volker Stevin, under contract with Alberta Transportation. As these are provincial highways, they are not owned or maintained by the Town of Olds.

All requests for road maintenance on these two streets should be directed to Volker Stevin, at 888-877-6237.

Traffic Signals

The traffic lights at the corner of 50 Avenue and 50 Street are maintained by the Town of Olds.

The following traffic lights at are maintained by Volker Stevin for Alberta Transportation. Call 888-877-6237 to report any issues.

  • Highway 27 (46 Avenue) and Highway 2A (46 Street)
  • Highway 27 (46 Avenue) and 70 Ave