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Oliver Olds - and The Case of The Missing Cowboy Hat

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Oliver Olds has just received his first letter from his pen pal Squirt the Skunk from Beiseker.  Squirt wants to know about all the fun and interesting things there are to see and do in Olds.  Oliver decided he wanted to show Squirt and take some photos to go with his letter.  He decided to wear his  cowboy hat on his adventure and when he got home  he realized he had left it somewhere along his travels.

Help Oliver locate his hat by retracing his steps and solving the puzzles he sketched in his travel journal.  



To play you need to:

Read the Introductory Letter

Use the clues in this attached PDF document to help you solve all the puzzles:  Oliver Escape Clues

The first puzzle you need to solve is the image below.  Once you think you have solved the first puzzle click on Level One Password Hint and enter your answer and it will take you to the next level 

If you cannot finish all puzzles in one day, the system will remember the levels you have solved, so you do not have to re-solve puzzles or re-enter passwords.  

If you are having difficulties solving the puzzles; click Hints/Answers link for assistance

Level 1 Password hint - three-Digit number