Peerapong Doungkaew

Title: Rising Sun
Medium: Marble
Artist: Peerapong Doungkaew, Thailand

Description: Peerapong participated in Bergen Rocks twice. "Rising Sun" is the sculpture he created on his second visit. This sculpture was inspired by his first visit in 2008. Each morning when he woke up he saw the sun rising from his bedroom window.  It is made from one of the most beautiful stones to be used at Bergen Rocks. The design of this sculpture can be appreciated by walking slowly around it while looking at it. With every step the sculpture will change/evolve. It truly has 100 personalities. Peerapong has a Master of Fine Art Degree - MFA Silpakorn University, Bangkok. Now retired, he was a professor of sculpture at Chiang Mai University, Thailand for many years. He is also an accomplished painter and print maker. Peerapong has been exhibiting his art and participating in sculpture events around the world since 1986.

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