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How the Sculpture Pathway came to be....

Exhibiting Bergen Rocks sculptures in Olds is a concept the Town of Olds had been developing over a number of years, refining it to fit within plans for growth and development. Bergen Rocks originated from International Sculpture Symposia held throughout the summers of 2008 to 2010.

Professional sculptors from around the world came to stay and create sculptures at Morton Burke’s farm west of Olds near Bergen, Alberta.

Town Staff worked with Burke, the curator of Bergen Rocks, on what pieces would be available to the Town while maintaining an exhibit at the Bergen site. A total of ten sculptures are now on display as the Olds Rocks collection.

The intention of exhibiting Bergen Rocks sculptures in Olds is to extend the vibrant art culture of the Olds community in a high profile area for local residents and visitors to enjoy. The Highway 27 Sculpture Pathway will draw attention to Olds, promoting a reason to come off QEII to view the display and experience the unique works of art.

Sculpture Park Location

Located near 4515 Imperial Road and Cornerstone Art Commons

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