Pham Minh Chien

Title: Spring
Medium: Marble
Artist: Pham Minh Chien, Vietnam

Description: Spring is a dual representational sculpture. The form could represent a flower in the spring, ready to bloom and be beautiful. In the centre at the top a small half circle making the representations of the lower torso of a young lady wearing a sarong is easy to recognize.

Several of the artists' statements/interpretations mention that the sculpture is talking about or saying something. This is common as the artists often wish to convey something beyond the beauty of the form. In following with that, sculptors will often be referred to as "authors" of their works.

Chien holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art, specializing in sculpture from the Fine Art University of Ho Chi Minh City. Chien lives in Ho Chi Minh City and sometimes teaches sculpture at his alma mater. He has participated in many symposia including An Giang Impressions at Chao Doc, where he became friends with Morton who was representing Canada. At the time, this event was the largest symposium ever held.

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