Gerard Motondi

Title: Desire to Be
Medium: Marble with Sandstone Base
Artist: Gerard Motondi, Kenya

Description: "Desire to Be" represents an aspiration to change from one's present status. All humans of whatever status have a desire to be. Thus successful people from the top look down to the common man's life and desire the simplicity in it. Meanwhile, the simple or common man looks up and desires a life filled with material ownership and fame.  This is a driving factor in our daily lives. We are never content with what we have or what we are, hence making our daily lives a struggle to achieve our desires. Gerard holds a Doctorate degree in Fine Art from Kenyatta University in Kenya where he is a professor of art. He has participated in many international arts events and, notably, was the gold medal winner in the 2008 Beijing Sculpture Olympics. His sculptures can be seen in sculpture parks around the world.



He was pleased to participate in Bergen Rocks 2009 as it gave him the opportunity to reconnect with several artists that he has worked with in other symposia. The major impetus for sculptors to participate in these events is to have to opportunity to create art in foreign countries, to share techniques and inspirations with other artists and to allow the public to become familiar with the tendencies of modern sculpture.



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