Paul Patrick Haggins

Title: Ancient Cultures
Medium: Sandstone
Artist: Paul Patrick Haggins, Ireland

Description: Paul wanted to create a sculpture that would pay homage to the ancient cultures of both Ireland and Canada. The Celtic Cross is the reference to Ireland and the feather on the shaft speaks to the ancient cultures of Canada. On one corner near the bottom are several horizontal marks. These are letters that spell Canada in an extinct language called Ogham that was used in ancient Ireland.

The negative spaces in a Celtic cross are called lights. If a cross has lights, it must be placed so  the faces of the cross point east and west. With this orientation, the Sun will shine through the lights to start the day and shine through the lights once again in the evening to end the day. This tradition is not widely known in Canada and many crosses can be found facing the wrong direction.

Paul got his start in sculpture when he took a job restoring castles. He has been working in stone for over 35 years and has travelled to many countries around the world carving. The time spent learning in different places has made him appreciate the art of ancient cultures.


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