The Bergen Rocks Story

Creator: Morton Burke, Sculptor/Event Coordinator

After participating in sculpture symposia in other countries, Bergen artist Morton Burke felt that the events were something we should be hosting here in Alberta. Over a five-year period, he was unable to convince a community to take up his idea so he decided to go ahead and do it himself at his acreage in Bergen. He was quite sure that although the pomp and ceremony that is usually at these events in other countries, the grassroots nature of his concept would be interesting enough to attract sculptors from around the world. The first year, 19 of the 20 friends said they would 

love to create sculptures at his acreage so he drew five names from a hat. In its fourth year, 178 proposals for participation were received. The participants stay together in his home during the month-long event and work each day except Tuesdays when they take a trip to see some Alberta sights.  The Olds Highway 27 Sculpture Pathway is comprised of some of the sculptures that have been created at Bergen Rocks. Visit the Bergen Sculpture Park to see the others.  You can also visit the Bergen Rocks Sculpture Symposium Facebook Page or the Bergen rocks International Sculpture Park website.

To get to the Bergen Sculpture Park from Olds, take Hwy 27 to Sundre and turn south on Hwy 760 just after the A&W/Shell station. Go 6.4 km to Pioneer Lodge Road (Township Road 32) and turn right. Go 1.6 km to Range Road 5.4 and turn left. Go half a km to the second driveway on the right. 

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