Winter Storm on January 17, 2022

January 19, 2022

On Monday, January 17, 2022 a severe winter snow storm passed through Mountain View County creating dangerous driving conditions and multiple vehicle related emergencies on local highways.
The Olds Fire Department along with Olds RCMP attended multiple incidents on highways 27 and the QE2 corridor to respond to travellers that had left the roadway and were stuck and or had no visibility to proceed safely. As a result of these conditions, a semi cattle liner loaded with calves rolled. Conditions experienced were so extreme that it delayed the timely management of the incident due to zero visibility, extreme wind and cold.
The majority of the livestock were able to be rescued from the trailer, but some perished from the result of injuries. A local veterinarian was called to the scene to assist in the assessment and care of the animals affected, and to ensure that the humane care of those critically injured could occur quickly.
Many local individuals and organizations were called to assist in the rescue and transport of the cattle and the Olds RCMP, RCMP Livestock unit, and the Fire Department would like to thank the following for their invaluable assistance in a timely and effective nature: Olds Auction Mart, Olds Regional Exhibition, Buck Thompson, Darren, Rachael and Darine Pavan, Roger Ruby, Yde Rinsma, Dr. Curtis Luzi, and Volker Stevin crews. These individuals provided invaluable assistance to emergency crews, in the efforts to safely manage the cattle rescue operation for most of the night.
Eighteen firefighters along with three police officers were on scene for approximately 10 hours managing the incident. There were no injuries to humans reported.
Traffic on the QE2 highway was initially stopped earlier in the evening, and then rerouted to Hwy 2A when the rescue operation commenced. Highways 2 & 27 were closed for a length of time. A reception centre was established in Olds for motorists that were stranded, and the Didsbury Fire Department assisted in transporting people off the highway into Olds.
For additional information please contact:
Justin Andrew
Fire Chief
Town of Olds
(403) 507-4850