Traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of 70 Ave. & Hwy. 27 in 2021

November 20, 2020

The Town of Olds is pleased to announce it has received a Municipal Stimulus Program (MSP) grant in the amount of $1.09 million through the Alberta Government that will allow the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of 70 Avenue and Highway 27.
The Town had originally planned completion of this intersection within the next year or two, but is able to expedite the project with the availability of the MSP grant. The Alberta Government announced MSP grants would be awarded to municipalities as a means to create jobs and help our economy recover.
The project had to be shovel ready, and, if selected for grant funding, it had to be a project that would not have taken place in 2020/2021 without this funding. The grant allocation of $1.09 million does not have to be cost-shared with the municipality.
A Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) was completed in 2017 for the NW corner of Town which includes Cornerstone, Rotary Athletic Park of Olds, Westview, and West Towne Developments. This study identified that 70 Avenue and Highway 27 required traffic controls as the area has already begun to see increased development. These signals will be installed to ensure safety of both motorists and playfield users who will cross this major highway to reach the athletic park.
The Town has received inquiries regarding intersections adjoining Highway 2A at 54 & 57 Street. Both intersections have also undergone a TIA in 2017, and results of that study indicated that these two intersections do not require signalization at this time. They are however scheduled for future development.

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For more information:
Scott Chant
Director of Operations, Town of Olds
Ben McPhee
Engineering Technologist, Town of Olds