Town of Olds Simplifies Secondary Suite Compliance Procedures

December 13, 2023

Olds, Alberta — The Town of Olds is committed to improving the safety and well-being of its residents. As part of this initiative, changes are being made to the compliance procedures for existing secondary suites. The goal is to establish safer options and more compliant secondary suites for property owners and occupants.


Until July 10th, 2025, the Town of Olds will make it easier for homeowners to legalize their existing secondary suites. During this period, a simplified application process and reduced fees will be in effect to encourage registration. After July 10th, 2025, more robust enforcement measures, including fines and legal actions, will be implemented.


The specific incentives that have been put in place are:

  • Waiving of development fees for existing secondary suites.
  • Relaxation of parking requirements for existing secondary suites.
  • Relaxation of square footage requirements for existing secondary suites.
  • Accelerated application process.


Illegal secondary suites can pose risks that extend beyond potential fines. They can also have serious safety implications, especially during emergencies like fires. Homeowners are strongly urged to legalize their secondary suites to avoid these risks and to contribute to a safer community.


Fire Chief Justin Andrews spoke on the critical nature of this initiative. "We have seen cases elsewhere in the region where illegal secondary suites have been discovered after a fire."


He added, "If, as a homeowner, you have an illegal secondary suite and someone is injured or killed in a fire, you could face criminal charges for negligence. Safety codes must be followed in all suites to ensure occupants are safe and homeowners don’t encounter an unfortunate situation."


Residents are encouraged to visit or consult the Planning and Infrastructure Department for details on the new procedures and timelines.


Media Contact:

Jillian Toellner

Supervisor – Engagement & Communications
Town of Olds