Town of Olds is committed to promoting and developing a welcoming and inclusive community

July 4, 2020

The Town of Olds works hard to build partnerships with businesses, religious groups and other community organizations to foster a culturally diverse community. Rural communities are becoming more and more diverse and it is important, both in terms of social cohesion and in terms of cultural and economic development, that we come to better understand this diversity.  
As a progressive, growing community Olds prides itself on being an active rural leader. Our community strives to be recognized for being a community that celebrates diversity, where we show respect for one another and where acts of fear and ignorance displayed in forms like racism and discrimination are not tolerated. 
The Town is committed to building rapport, facilitating relationships, and understanding diversity in order to reduce barriers. Many initiatives in Olds align with a commitment to effectively address societal issues related to cultural diversity.     

“Conversations change communities. It is events like the Olds peaceful anti-racism rally that create opportunities for sharing experiences. Many of us are here today to listen and learn,” stated Mayor Michael Muzychka. “We are grateful for those who have the courage to share their stories,” he added. “The Town of Olds will continue to facilitate conversations and continue to take steps to grow our community together.” 

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For more information: 
Michael Muzychka 
Mayor, Town of Olds 
4512 46 Street, Olds, Alberta 
T4H 1R5