Olds Making Progress on Addressing Sewer System and Water Loss Issues

March 26, 2024

For Immediate Release

Olds— The Olds Utilities Department has made progress in repairing the town's infrastructure. Last fall, they conducted a vapour test at various locations of the sewer system to assess inflow and infiltration (I&I) issues. The test identified 38 required repairs, 36 of which were completed. The remaining 2 repairs have been deferred until this season. The repairs involved mainly replacing manhole lids, inserts, and cleanout plugs at various locations.


The town is also focused on tackling water loss in its treated waterline system, which is a major concern. The aging underground infrastructure is the main reason for the water loss or ongoing repairs. This loss not only wastes treated water but also puts undue pressure on the town's water and sewer infrastructure, resulting in additional costs. To address this issue, the town has implemented a plan that includes using advanced acoustic technology to detect leaks. This technology is more effective in detecting leaks than traditional methods. Even the smallest leaks are identified through this innovative approach. Testing is currently underway.


During his presentation to Council on March 25, 2024, Director Adrian Pedro provided an update on the progress made in addressing water loss and I&I. He emphasized the importance of regular inspections, which have helped identify several issues. "The town will see significant benefits in the long run through targeted testing and repairs," he added.  The town has also recognized the vital role of residents in their Report-a-Problem submissions, which helps crews locate potential problem locations.


Town staff will continue to conduct inspections and repairs of manholes and mainlines throughout the coming months. Over $1.5 million has been allocated toward water loss and I&I projects as part of the $3.451 million capital budget. Administration will continue to prioritize targeted assessment practices to better inform future budgets to address required infrastructure repairs or replacements.


Detailed information about the town’s water and wastewater systems is available at www.olds.ca/water-wastewater.


Media Contact:

Jillian Toellner

Supervisor – Engagement & Communications
Town of Olds