Municipal Minute - Sept. 5

September 5, 2023

Hear the radio spot

Hello I’m Sgt. Paul Wright, senior peace officer with the Town of Olds.

I’m here to remind you of new traffic safety measures now in effect in the Uptowne Olds area.

As of September first, the entire Uptown core has a new speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour. This change is a direct result of consultations with the Uptowne Olds business committee which requested increased safety measures for pedestrians in the Uptowne shopping district.

New speed limit signs have been posted in the Uptowne area and local enforcement will be conducting an education campaign in early September to inform motorists of the change.

With increased traffic in Uptowne Olds, the new speed limit makes things much safer for pedestrians. At 30 kmh, the survival rate of a pedestrian or cyclist collision is 90 percent while at 50 kmh it is 15 percent. In a town the size of Olds, the life you are saving by slowing down is likely someone you know.