Municipal Minute - Audio May 7

May 7, 2024


Hello, this is David Rempfer, Public Works Supervisor for the Town of Olds.

The Town of Olds is happy to announce the first of three Spring Clean Up events designed to spruce up our Town and foster community spirit.

First up, from May 10 – 12 all Olds residents are encouraged to participate in Kick it to the Curb!

This new event allows residents to give their gently used items a second life!

So gather your unwanted but useable items, mark them as free, and put them on your front yards for others to take home.

Advertise your items on social media using #OldsKickit2024 and posting pictures into our event on Facebook.

Then it’s your turn to cruise the town for an amazing find!

At the end of the weekend please bring any uncollected items back into your home to sell or donate.

This is a fun and eco-friendly way to give items a new life and find something new without spending a dime!

For more details, please visit