Municipal Minute - Audio June 4

June 4, 2024


Hello, this is Adrian Pedro, Director of Infrastructure for the Town of Olds.

The Town of Olds is thrilled to have started two new environmental incentive programs aimed at fostering sustainability and eco-conscious living in our community.

The Rain Barrel Rebate Program and the Home Composter Rebate Program are all about encouraging you, our residents, to embrace environmentally friendly practices.

Under these programs, residents who purchase a rain barrel or a home composter are eligible to receive a 50% rebate, up to a maximum of $50, per item.

Rainwater collection and home composting are game changers for our environment.

By capturing rainwater, you're reducing your reliance on municipal water sources for things like watering your garden or lawn.

When you compost at home, you're doing wonders for our planet. Instead of sending organic waste to landfills where it would emit harmful greenhouse gases, you're turning it into nutrient-rich soil that enriches our earth and supports healthier plant life.

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