Municipal Minute - Audio April 9

April 9, 2024


Hello, this is Adrian Pedro, Director of Infrastructure for the Town of Olds.

As of January 1st the Town has increased residential waste collection frequency:

Black garbage bins and Blue recycling bins now alternate weekly all year round.

From April 1st to November 1st, Green Compost Bins will now be collected each week.

Residential green bins offer a robust, effective, and convenient way for households to manage compost and yard waste.

The following material is acceptable in your residential green bins:

Food and food scraps: if you can eat it, you can toss it in your green bin;

Food-soiled paper: pizza boxes, napkins or paper goods that touched food;

Natural fibers like toothpicks, wooden chopsticks, cotton balls and lint;

Pet products like kitty litter, pet fur, feathers, and pet waste (in compostable bags only);

and all plant material and yard waste.

By discontinuing the community grass bin services in 2024 the Town is able to provide residents of Olds with more frequent waste collection schedule, so they see more direct benefit from their tax dollars.

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