Mountain View County, Town of Olds Complete ICF Process

January 8, 2020

Re: Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF)

An important milestone has been passed in formalizing the collaborative relationship between Mountain View County and the Town of Olds. Both municipal Councils have passed resolutions to notify the Provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs that the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) between the County and the Town is completed.

The two municipalities are satisfied that the Intermunicipal Cooperation Committee (ICC) Master Agreement signed in January of 2016, and subsequent sub-agreements are compliant with the Provincial Municipal Government Act (MGA) regulations pertaining to Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks required between neighbouring municipalities.

An ICF provides direction to the two Municipal Councils to determine how services that benefit residents of both municipalities are ultimately delivered, including fire, recreation and library, among others. This process also determines funding mechanisms for these services, and addresses other items including dispute resolution, capital project planning and funding, and any potential other issues that affect both parties.

“This represents another step in building on a collaborative process between our two municipalities; a process that began in 2014,” said Mountain View County Reeve Bruce Beattie. “This document formally lays the foundation for continuing a partnership that is essential in order to meet the challenges that we face during these volatile economic times. An agreement that spans election cycles ensures long-term planning, providing our residents and businesses with a predictable and stable policy environment.”

“The passing of this resolution today signifies the continuation of the strong and important relationship we have with Mountain View County,” added Town of Olds Mayor Michael Muzychka. “This relationship strengthens our region and the services we provide to our residents.”

Changes to the MGA in early December 2019 altered the requirements needed to have a completed ICF. While the title of the current agreement does not read “Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework” it does comply with all the MGA requirements for an ICF and has the flexibility to add or amend sub-agreements without having to amend the master agreement.

One of the major changes to the MGA leading to today’s announcement is the ICF was no longer required to be passed by Bylaw and could be done by resolutions from the two Councils.

Next up for the two municipalities in 2020 is finalizing a new Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) that the respective Councils and administrations have been working on for many months. The IDP and ICF are no longer connected under Provincial regulations and can co-exist and be updated and amended independently.

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