Mountain View County and Town of Olds announce two collaborative community development projects

May 18, 2023

Mountain View County and the Town of Olds are proud to announce two new projects that are focused on promoting intermunicipal collaboration for the betterment of their shared community. The collaboration will bring together both municipalities' resources, expertise, and community leaders, to enhance economic development, environmental sustainability, and quality of life for residents.
Through the Intermunicipal Collaboration Committee established by the partners in 2016, the Town and County have worked hard to leverage the strengths of both organizations, combining Mountain View County's broad geographic reach and Olds' centralized location to create a more resilient and vibrant community in an effort to foster innovative and effective solutions to local challenges and promote shared priorities.
The committee has recently been successful in acquiring the support from both Municipal Councils to proceed with renovations to the Olds Aquatic Center as well as to proceed with an Economic Development Strategy aimed to review the current state of, and recommend enhancements to, the economic objectives of the Town of Olds and immediate surrounding area located within Mountain View County.
The Olds Aquatic Center partnership will see the County contribute $140,083.82 and the Town an amount of $609,060.10 towards the overall project that will see repairs to the mechanical system, roofing, and windows of the existing facility. The entire project, which received a grant from the federal government in the amount of $2,214,764 will see over $3,000,000 in investment towards the longevity of the facility.
Relative to the Town of Olds Economic Development Strategy, Mountain View County will contribute $10,000 to the Town of Olds’ Business Retention, Expansion and Workforce program which will identify businesses within the defined area to determine their needs and objectives. The project will include town and county administration as well as the expertise of representatives from community organizations, businesses, and residents of the community. The committee will be responsible for identifying priority areas and developing strategies and action plans to achieve shared goals.
"Through this partnership, Mountain View County and the Town of Olds may better coordinate our efforts and resources to address the needs of our residents and businesses" said Angela Aalbers, Reeve of Mountain View County. "This enables us to pool our resources and expertise to create a more vibrant, sustainable, and prosperous community.”
"The Town of Olds is pleased to announce the Aquatic Centre partnership, this intermunicipal collaboration continues to provide the citizens of Olds and County with essential services. The Economic Development Strategy will enhance both the Town and County, focusing on business retention, expansion, and attraction. Alive With Opportunity will be our future.” said Judy Dahl, Mayor of the Town of Olds.
The ongoing collaborative partnership is a testament to the commitment of both Mountain View County and the Town of Olds to building strong and resilient communities. It is an opportunity for both municipalities to showcase their strengths, leverage their resources, and to collaborate in a continuous effort to create a brighter future for all.

Media inquiries may be directed to:

Angela Aalbers, Reeve 
Mountain View County

Judy Dahl, Mayor 
Town of Olds