Mayor's Minute - May 2

May 2, 2023

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Transcript's Scott Greico, Director of Operations with the Town of Olds.
The Community Grass Bins are out in the community. Please ensure you’re using them correctly!
Acceptable items are grass, leaves, weeds, brush, garden waste and broken down shrubs.  
Non acceptable items include pet waste, dirt, rocks, sod, and plastic bags.
These items contaminate loads so they have to be taken to the landfill.  

The changes to the Community Grass Bins were driven by citizens to control rising costs. In 2022, the Town of Olds provided citizens with a Budget Engagement Survey.  Fifty eight percent of citizens wanted fewer bins and more than 64% of respondents wanted bins placed in more centralized locations.  Following the presentation of the survey results,  at the Nov 14 2022 council meeting, the Town reduced the number of community grass bins by 60%, from 100 bins down to 40.

Community Grass Bin locations were determined by how central they were, how accessible they were for citizens, the amount of green space, and logistics of getting trucks in for tipping.  An up-to-date map is on the town website. Please continue to report your feedback using Report at problem at “Report a Problem” 

We would like to thank the residents of Olds for helping upkeep their properties in keeping a clean and safe community.