Mayor's Minute - Grow Olds with us!

May 20, 2020

Hello,  Mayor Muzychka here….

In an effort to support our local business community, the Town of Olds website provides resources and supports from Local, Provincial and Federal governments.  We hope you find the information easily accessible and it should be able to link you to answers for the majority of questions.

A pandemic can be a very stressful event for everyone.  It can create panic, doubt and even frustration.  Please be patient as Olds businesses navigate the new safety measures.  Supporting local business through the relaunch is critical. 

We continue to encourage our community to follow public health measures. 

Practice social distancing – stay 2 meters/6 feet apart which is roughly the length of a hockey stick, if I can slash you, you’re too close. 

Practice good hygiene – wash your hands frequently;  and 

Show kindness – support each other.

Stay Local – Shop In Olds – Stay Safe!