Draft Mountain View County and Town of Olds Intermunicipal Development Plan Available for Public Review

August 4, 2020

Mountain View County and the Town of Olds are pleased to announce that an updated draft of their intermunicipal development plan has been prepared and it is now available for review. Residents, landowners and community organizations are invited to visit the Town of Olds website where they will find a copy of the draft plan and opportunities to provide their comments.
The Town and County prepared their first intermunicipal development plan in 2006/2007. “The updated draft is a continuation of our positive working relationship and coordination of land use planning between our two municipalities,” said Mary Jane Harper, Town Councillor and Chair of the Intermunicipal Collaboration Committee.
An open house will be held on Thursday, August 27th between 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm at the Olds Royal Canadian Legion. To view a copy of the draft plan residents and landowners are invited to visit olds.ca/statutoryplans and click on the tab labelled “Inter-Municipal Development Plan & IDP Update.” In addition, the County’s website has a link to the Town’s website: mountainviewcounty.com  Home, Property and Development  Intermunicipal Development Plans Town of Olds IDP.
“Feedback from the public is a key part of our plan process. We encourage those who are interested to look over the document and share their thoughts with us,” said Reeve Bruce Beattie of Mountain View County.
The Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) is a plan that coordinates land use and development decisions between the two municipalities involving lands close to the Town of Olds. It also addresses land uses the County may consider close to the Town, and the areas in the County identified for future Town growth. Other topics include environmental and economic development matters of common interest, planning for transportation corridors, and coordinating future infrastructure.
The IDP also provides processes for ongoing communication and decision making between the Town and County on planning matters of joint interest. This includes the role of future, more detailed plans, the types of approval applications that will be sent to each other for comment, and processes for amending and future review of the plan. A Committee of Town Council and County Council representatives are assigned responsibility for overseeing the plan. A process to resolve disputes, if needed, is also laid out.
The IDP takes a long-term view of growth in the and around the town. This means looking 50-60 years into the future to identify what lands may be needed to accommodate future growth in both the town and the county. In preparing the draft plan, the Town and County evaluated the need to expand the Town boundaries. This has led to a proposal for annexation of land to the Town.
The proposed annexation involves three quarter sections of land located north of Highway 27 and east of Highway 2A on the northeast corner of the town. A map showing the area proposed for annexation is available on the Town website. More details will also be available at the open house.

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Media inquiries may be directed to:

Bruce Beattie 
Reeve, Mountain View County 

Mary Jane Harper
Chair, Intermunicipal Collaboration Committee