Council Approves Business Re-Opening Grants

May 28, 2020

The Town of Olds Business Support and Recovery Task Force was formed in March 2020 to support local Olds businesses impacted and closed by COVID-19. This task force is a think tank comprised of local business leaders, financial experts and representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, Olds Institute and the Town of Olds.  
The task force launched an outreach program to better understand current conditions brought on by COVID-19. It was determined that providing a quick and easily accessible grant was a priority and Olds Town Council responded by creating the Business Re-Opening Program. 
Local Storefront Businesses are eligible for a $500 grant, and home based businesses will be eligible for a $100 grant. These funds can help businesses modify public spaces to support physical distancing requirements, purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) or other immediate supplies needed to support re-opening.  
Click here for the Business Reopening Grant Application. 
Businesses in Olds are a vital part of our community. Now, more than ever, it is important to stay home and support local businesses. 

Click here for the official news release

For more information: 
Sheena Linderman, Director of Finance 
Town of Olds 
4512 46 Street, Olds, Alberta 
T4H 1R5