Be Prepared, Not Scared: Town of Olds Champions Emergency Readiness

May 6, 2024

May 5th to 10th marks the annual Emergency Preparedness Week, a vital initiative that underscores the importance of being prepared for any unexpected event. The Town of Olds encourages all residents to join in and take action to safeguard themselves and their loved ones through proactive planning and preparedness.


The Importance of Preparation

Emergencies, whether natural disasters or unforeseen crises, can occur without warning. Being unprepared can leave people in a vulnerable situation, but with a comprehensive plan, essential supplies, and knowledge of local resources, these situations can be managed effectively. Preparedness is more than survival; it’s about maintaining resilience and thriving during difficult times. Deputy Fire Chief Stephanie Bibault, Director of Emergency Management for the Town of Olds explains: "Emergency preparedness is a shared responsibility. We’re sharing this information to empower our community to take meaningful action towards safety. As we educate and equip ourselves, we transform our collective vulnerability into strength. Our goal is to use this opportunity to ensure that no one in Olds stands unprepared in the face of emergencies."


Take Action: Steps to Enhance Your Readiness

You can find a full list of up-to-date resources on the Town of Olds website at:


  • Stay Informed: Sign up for local alerts and updates from the Town of Olds on social media or the website. Knowledge is a key component of safety! During local emergencies, the Town communicates closely with the local radio station (104.5 FM and 96.5 FM)
  • Educate Yourself and Your Family: Pamphlets and information on what to do in case of an emergency can be found at the Town of Olds’ Community Connection Center or at
  • Develop a Comprehensive Plan: Tailor your family emergency plan to address the unique needs of all household members, including pets. Consider transportation as well!
  • Assemble an Emergency Kit: Ensure it includes all essentials such as water, food, medications, and critical documents.


We call upon every resident of Olds to take these simple but essential steps towards preparedness. By doing so, you contribute to the safety and well-being of your family and community. Remember, preparedness saves lives!


For more information on Emergency Preparedness Week resources, please visit



Media Contact:

Jillian Toellner

Supervisor – Engagement & Communications
Town of Olds