Municipal Enforcement

For EMERGENCIES call 911


(Non-Emergency) 587-796-1193
To report an incident or complaint 24 hours a day. The on-duty Community Peace Officer will be notified of the complaint.


The Town of Olds Municipal Enforcement department consists of two Community Peace Officers who engage with residents and visitors to provide a safe and livable community. 


Municipal Enforcement enhances community safety by educating the public, investigating concerns, and seeking compliance of Town Of Olds Bylaws and Provincial Acts and Regulations.  Community Peace Officers are authorized to enforce provincial bylaws and regulations for issues they observe during daily patrols as well as those received from residents.


Municipal Enforcement Officers work in collaboration with the

RCMP – Olds Detachment and Olds Fire Department operating out of the Emergency Services Building. To report an incident or complaint 24 hours a day, please call the MUNICIPAL ENFORCEMENT 24-HOUR COMPALINT LINE at 587.796.1193


Please note that Municipal Enforcement responds to complaints on a priority basis.  Response times will depend on the availability of on-duty officers at the time of the call, and the priority of the complaint compared with other calls received. The department cannot guarantee that complaints received by other means (verbally, by telephone, e-mail, etc.) or submitted anonymously will be promptly addressed. 


 If the complaint is not urgent, we encourage you to talk to the person regarding your concern.  Most of the time, resolution can come from having a conversation without Municipal Enforcement intervention.  

All complaints will be directed to the MUNICIPAL ENFORCEMENT 24-HOUR COMPALINT LINE at 587.796.1193



Please see the steps below to better understand the entire complaint and investigation process.  

Step One: Filing A Complaint 

When you call in a complaint, the dispatch centre will ask for your full name, date of birth, address, phone number, and pertinent details relating to your complaint. Dispatch will then create a file for the on-duty officer. 

Step Two: Review & Prioritization

Once the on-duty officer receives the file, they will review the information, prioritize the file, and then connect with you to start the resolution process. 

Step Three: Follow-Up  

The officer may request additional information such as a written statement and/or may request you to testify in court as a witness.  If you are not willing to take these actions, the enforcement options will be limited.  

Step Four: Resolution Process 

To close a file, the Community Peace Officer will inform you of any action or enforcement taken and the final resolution.  

Steps to resolve the complaint can include: 

  • Education 
  • Providing an opportunity for compliance 
  • Requesting compliance and setting a time frame for resolution 
  • Issuing a warning 
  • Issuing a ticket with a voluntary fine amount 


It is not possible for Municipal Enforcement to file your complaint anonymously.  If you do not wish to be known, please know that enforceability will be limited. 

All personal information is collected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Please look here for the answers to frequently asked questions regarding animal services, bylaws, and enforcement topics.

Bylaw Tickets

What happens when I get a bylaw ticket?

A bylaw ticket is used by a Community Peace Officer when a Bylaw is contravened.

The ticket outlines the following:

  • The offence description with the bylaw
  • The offence date and time
  • The penalty amount
  • The description of the vehicle, animal, or location

*Please note that the ticket must be paid within 21 days of the service date*


How do I pay for a bylaw ticket?

You can pay your bylaw ticket in full the following ways:

  • In person at the Town of Olds Administration Office during office hours
  • A cheque or money order along with the bylaw ticket can be mailed to the Town Of Olds Administration Office


What happens if I do not pay the bylaw ticket?

If a bylaw ticket is not paid in full, a Provincial Violation ticket is issued to the individual. This ticket will have instructions printed on it for either payment in full, appearance at court for payment, or to plead not guilty and will have required court appearance date printed on it. Failure to attend court may result in a conviction in absence. Please be aware that additional penalties and motor vehicle services denial may be put into effect until all fines and penalties are paid. In some cases, a provincial warrant can be issued.


How do I appeal a ticket?

If you wish to appeal the Bylaw Ticket, a person charged can wait for the Bylaw Ticket to expire and then a Provincial Ticket will be issued with a court date and at that time the person can plead not guilty and have a trial.


Care of Properties – Unsightly

What is considered an unsightly property?

An unsightly property is one that in the opinion of an Enforcement Officer, is detrimental to the surrounding area which there is litter, dilapidated or unsightly buildings, structures, or growth of grass.  Loose garbage, yard waste, bottles, cans, household furniture, appliances and automobile parts must be stored so they are not visible from outside of the property. 


How do I file a complaint regarding the unsightly property next door?

To file a complaint, you will need to call the Municipal Enforcement 24- Hour Complaint Line at

(587)796 1193.  The dispatch centre will ask for your full name, date of birth, address, phone number, and pertinent details relating to your complaint. Dispatch will then create a file for the on-duty officer. 




What can I do about a cat in my yard?

We encourage you to talk to your neighbour or the apparent owner of the cat to resolve the issue. If this fails, call the Municipal Enforcement 24-Hour Complaint Line to report the complaint. 



I found a lost dog.  What should I do?

If you can establish ownership of the dog, you can return the animal to its rightful owner.  The Town of Olds is not currently able to authorize the capture and holding of any animal, such as cats or dogs, stray or otherwise. Due to a rise in the number of feral and or abandoned animals, the lack of available shelter space in the province is at an all time low.  As a result, the Town is unable to provide short- and long-term care or re-homing services because we cannot take long term responsibility for these animals if they remain unclaimed.   


My neighbour’s dog won’t stop barking.  What can I do?

Please fill out the Town of Olds Barking Dog Log.  Over a period of seven days, you will track and document every time you notice or hear the dog barking. Once you have completed the log, we encourage you to address the situation with your neighbor face to face.  Chances are, they will hear you out and apologize for the incessant barking.  If the barking continues, you will need to call the Municipal Enforcement 24-Hour Complaint Line at (587)796 1193 to start the complaint process. 

*Please note that no action will be taken by Municipal Enforcement if the complainant is not willing to testify in a court of law on behalf of information in the Town of Olds Barking Dog Log record package*



What is considered Graffiti?

Graffiti is defined as ​words, figures, letters, drawings, or stickers applied, scribbled, scratched, etched, sprayed, or attached on or to a surface.  The markings may appear on any surface, including walls, fences, mailboxes, newspaper vending machines, signs, utility boxes, roads, sidewalks, and windows.


What do I do if I see Graffiti?

As graffiti is a criminal offence the matter should be reported to the RCMP. To report a non-emergency incident or complaint, call (403)556-3323.  The RCMP will work collaboratively with Municipal Enforcement to investigate and determine appropriate action.


My neighbour’s vehicle has been parked in front of my house for a few days.  What should I do?

The streets are a shared resource for all Town of Olds citizens.  That means everyone has the right to park on Town-owned streets, even if the street is in front of your house.  Unless that vehicle is obstructing a driveway, entrance, or parked in contravention of a posted sign it is not illegal to park on the street. We encourage you to have that neighbourly conversation as there may be reasonable explanation for the vehicle being parked there or the owner may reposition it.


Can my neighbour park their RV in front of my house?

Your neighbour can park their RV on the street for no more than 48 hours.  The 48 hours allows owners of RVs to empty and clean their vehicles after a trip before moving the vehicle to an approved off highway location. If your neighbour exceeds the above time frame, you can call the Municipal Enforcement 24- Hours Complaint Line to file a complaint.

Snow Removal

How long after a snow fall do I have to shovel my sidewalks?

The Town of Olds requires property owners and renters to remove snow, ice, and slush from their sidewalks within 48 hours of the last snow fall.  Snow and ice will be considered removed when the sidewalk is cleaned for the entire width of the sidewalk surface.  When an owner or renter is absent, they must make arrangements to ensure the sidewalks are maintained.  Remember snow shall not be placed on any public sidewalk, alley, roadway, or street from private property and/or sidewalk.


My neighbour doesn’t shovel their sidewalks.  What should I do?

We encourage you to be good neighbour by reaching out and seeing if you neighbour requires help. If the matter is not resolved, then you can call the Municipal Enforcement 24-Hour Complaint Line to file a complaint.

E-Scooters and Mobility Scooters

Can I drive my motorized scooter on the sidewalk or roadway?

Unfortunately, no. According to provincial law, motorized scooters (both electric and gas-powered) are classified as prohibited miniature vehicles.

Currently, Alberta’s municipalities do not have the authority to create their own bylaws for the operation and regulation of e-scooters on sidewalks and roadways. The jurisdiction over what types of vehicles are permitted on roadways, cycle tracks, and sidewalks lies with the Government of Alberta through Alberta Transportation and the Traffic Safety Act.

Alberta Transportation information may be found HERE.