Métis Life

MEDIUM:  Exterior Acrylic Latex 

“The past of the Métis is brought forward to the public eye in this mural.  I want to reveal how the people lived in their trappers tents.  They would look for a location where the buffalo herds would graze.  They used almost 
everything from the hides to the meat and off the land and the water.  This mural shows the surroundings that they would choose for their camp.
All their clothing has meaningful designs to them.  They love the fiddle music. They are happy people.
The Métis sash could not be left out because it is a traditional garment worn by the men.  Every colour has a meaning in the sash.
Their flag is known to the trading companies. The red flag hung in the Hudson Bay Company trading post meant the Métis were welcome to do trading with them. The blue flag meant the same for the other trading posts.
The Red River Cart transported them and their goods.
This project has given me great insight into Indigenous cultures.  This has been an 
emotional journey like no other goal I have pursued.
I walk every day with a new journey of 
Indigenous spirit. I have been blessed.
Love and Gratitude, Artist, Gayle Kohut.” 

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