Great Neighbours Program

It's always a good time to be a great neighbour!

Great Neighbours is a grassroots initiative helping neighbours get to know one another better. There are many easy ways to get to know your neighbour.

  • Introduce yourself
  • Leave a treat
  • Shovel your neighbour's sidewalk, mow their lawn
  • Introduce other neighbours to each other
  • Keep an eye out on neighbourhood homes and property

A Great Neighbours event trailer and supplies is available for all residents to borrow.

Great Neighbourhood Block Party

What is a Great Neighbours Block Party?

A block party is a gathering of neighbours for a time of fun and food while building relationships. Our Great Neighbours brochure provides additional information about hosting a  neighbourhood block party in your neighbourhood.

If  you decide to hold a Block Party in your neighbourhood please fill out the Special Events Permit and return it to


Becoming a Great Neighbour Block Connector

Would you like to be a Community Connector in your neighbourhood?

Community Connectors are those who are willing to make it all happen; inviting others, making them welcome and organizing. They are leaders who also encourage others to be leaders, as many hands make light work. While a Community Connector may be the one who puts in the most effort, they are also the ones who make the most  connections and friendships and feel the greatest sense of community. As a Community Connector, you will be inviting your neighbours to come together and get to know each other. In a nutshell, the role of the Community Connector is to inspire engagement with friends and neighbours within your community.

Role of the Great Neighbours Block Connector
  • Time commitment of 2-3 hours per household per year.

  • Role can be shared with another person.

  • Have a friendly chat with the closest 10-20 households on their block.
  • Community Connectors determine their own neighbourhood boundaries.
  • Help neighbours connect at an activity at least once per year.
  • Take part in training.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Connector contact or

Great Neighbours Event Trailer

What is the Great Neighbours Event Trailer?

Did you know that you can borrow the Great Neighbours Event Trailer? You can book the trailer by filling out a 
Special Events Permit from the Town of Olds.  If the trailer is available it will roll up to your event with two staff aboard that have first aid training and will help make your event a success.

Event Trailer Amenities:
  • Tables and benches

  • Event tents
  • BBQ, Propane and BBQ tools
  • Family friendly games
  • Sports Equipment