Gratitude Word Cloud

How to play

1.    Send a text, email, facebook message etc out to all your friends asking a question that can be answered with one word. Some examples of questions you could ask:

    1. What you are grateful for

    2. Memory of us

    3. Wish for 2022

    4. Resolution for 2022

2.    Take all the answers and copy them into one document (ie word document) 

  • Even if friends choose the same word enter that word in each time 

3.    Open a free word cloud site, eg.

  • Copy the entire list 
  • Paste that list into the program 
  • Generate the word cloud
    • The size of the lettering in the word cloud depends on the repetition of that word used to answer the question

d.    Post the image somewhere

  • Send out the word cloud picture to your friends who responded
  • Print a copy and post it up at home or office
  • Make it your screensaver on your desk top
  • Post it to your facebook page