Olds Fire Department

For ALL emergencies, call 911.

The Olds Fire Department consists of a full-time Chief, two full-time Deputy Chiefs, an Administrative Assistant, a contracted Director of Emergency Management and 39 paid on-call firefighters. Please refer to the Town of Olds Fire Bylaw for complete scope of Fire Department authority and responsibility.

Fire Department Focus

The Olds Fire Department's primary focus is to provide residents and businesses in the Town of Olds and Mountain View County with the following, but not limited to:

  • fire protection

  • rescue services
  • hazardous material response (HAZMAT)
  • vehicle extrication
  • emergency medical services in support of Alberta Health Services

Other key services include:

  • fire prevention services

  • public education and awareness programs

  • fire inspections
  • fire investigations

Fire Department Safety Inspections

The Town of Olds does fire and life safety inspections of local businesses, apartments, multi-unit dwellings, and gathering places on a regular basis to ensure buildings in the community meet all fire codes and are safe for the public. They also offer construction site visits, fire pre-plan, and extinguisher training.

Learn more about the Alberta Fire Code in the Pre-Inspection Checklist (updated February 2020).

Olds Fire District Map

 Olds Fire District

 Mountain View County