Snow Angels

It’s the Neighbourly Thing To Do!
For some, the first snow fall of the year is a welcome event. For others, the first snow fall brings worries of slipping and falling.
Snow Angels is an awareness and recognition program encouraging residents to help a neighbour in need with snow removal.

Become a Snow Angel

Volunteers are needed to help shovel walks for seniors and those needing a hand in our community.

  • To become a  volunteer snow angel, please contact or call Apryl Webb at 403-556-6981, ext 4847. You will be paired up with someone that could really use your help. 
  • If you are in need of a Snow Angel please contact or call Apryl Webb at 403-556-6981, ext 4847 to register with Family and Community Support Services (FCSS). 

Why Volunteer?
Snow that remains on sidewalks is hazardous for everyone, but especially for people with limited mobility who may be severely injured from a fall on ice or snow. Our community will be safer and more accessible if we can keep sidewalks, walkways and driveways clear of snow. Small acts of kindness change the world.