Public Engagement

The Town of Olds strives to engage citizens when planning the community's future. Feedback gathered from the public helps council and administration make more informed decisions. We sincerely appreciate and thank you for your participation!


2023 Budget Engagement

From August 15 to September 15, 2023, the Town of Olds will conduct a citizen budget survey. The purpose is to learn about the priorities of local residents and to give them a say in where they would like to see the funding allocated.

This survey closed on September 15 and results are being tallied. Watch this page for results coming soon.

Olds Active Mobility Transportation Study

The Town of Olds is looking to improve the experience of walking, biking and rolling for residents and seasonal students in the Town to strengthen connections with communities within the Town and the region.
To extend the reach of the ideas and provide further opportunities for engagement, the Town is conducting an online public survey to better understand the barriers facing residents who use the active transportation network. 
Following the survey, the Town will host a virtual interview session with stakeholders that have jurisdictional authority and/or a key role in the community. 
Finally, The Town will host another online survey gathering feedback on what we heard and ensuring all ideas are captured. These engagements will be critical in finalizing recommendations for how the town can improve its active transportation network.

Project Phases

Thank you for your time and participation. The initial public engagement phase is complete. Phase 3 of the process is now in effect.

    Public Hearings

    See the Notice of Public Hearings page for current information.


    Budget Engagement

    Each year as part of the budget process Council reviews all of the programs and services the Town provides.  Provincial legislation requires municipalities to have a balanced budget.

    2022 Budget Engagement

    From August 2 to September 16, 2022, the Town of Olds ran a citizen budget survey. The purpose was to learn about the priorities of local residents and to give them a say in where they would like to see decreases or increases in spending.

    See the engagement results here

    Previous Budget Engagement

    Traffic Speed Adjustments (2022)

    Olds Municipal Enforcement conducted public engagement regarding traffic speed in the Town of Olds. The survey showed considerable support for the conversion of school zones to playground zones.

    Read the survey results / presentation to Council (Nov, 2022)

    Mountain View Regional Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan (2021)

    The purpose of this project is to develop a regional parks, recreation, and culture master plan for the Towns of Olds, Didsbury, Carstairs and Sundre, Village of Cremona, and Mountain View County (known as the Municipal Partners). This plan will provide guidance to the Municipal Partners in making decisions that best meet the needs of their residents. Facilities and programming related to parks, recreation and culture will be the main focus of the plan.

    Results of the surveys and public engagement sessions were presented to regional councils in November, 2021. The presentation to Olds Town Council was Nov. 22. In addition to the final version of the regional master plane, council was also presented with a Case for Tourisms and Strategic Recommendations. Both documents are available below.

    Final Mountain View Master Plan

    Mountain View Region Case for Tourism and Strategic Recommendations

    Presentation to Council

    Curbside Bin Schedule (2021)

    Town maintains a three-week cycle for Garbage, Recycling and Compost -Week 1 Black Bin (Trash), Week 2 Blue Bin (Recycle) and Week 3 Green Bin (Compost. Then the cycle repeats. 

    Consideration is being given to changing the three-week cycle to a two-week cycle which would resemble the following scenario:

    Week 1: Black Bin (Garbage) pickup. Week 2: Combined Blue Bin/Green Bin pickup.

    This cycle would repeat every two weeks. The proposed two-week cycle would cost households an additional $8.60 per month. 


    Participation in this survey was high with 1468 responses. 65% of respondents wanted to keep the current schedule the same, with a three-week rotation. Not wanting additional costs, the desire to keep garbage out of the landfill and the current system meeting their needs were the top reasons noted.

    Read the survey results report Here

    Town of Olds Business Impact Survey (2021)

    A top priority during the Covid-19 crisis is to reduce the negative impact it has on your business. Your input is incredibly valuable and will provide information on how the Town could further support local businesses. 

    This survey closed on April 28th, 2021, results were shared May 10th, 2020 Council meeting.


    RCMP Policing Priorities Survey (2021)

    Every year the Olds Detachment reaches out to residents and businesses to help determine policing priorities for our Community. Policing priorities ensure that in addition to responding to calls for service, members focus on the policing issues most important to the public.

    Read the Survey results here

    Animal Control Survey - Chickens (2020)

    Currently dogs and cats are regulated by the Town of Olds Community Standards Bylaw. With recent amendments made to the Land Use Bylaw, there is ambiguity on restrictions or allowances of other animals. Providing guidance on what is allowable with help both citizens and bylaw enforcement manage grievances the Town receives on animals beyond cats and dogs.

    This Survey closed September 15 and results were presented to Town Council on October 5, 2020.

    Download the  "what we heard" Animal Control Survey Results 

    Supergraphics/Murals Survey (2020)

    In Olds, Supergraphics/Murals must adhere to provisions set out in the Land Use Bylaw (LUB). Currently, the Development Authority defers evaluating the merits of a mural application to the Public Arts Advisory Committee which was established by Council in 2019. The mandate of the PAAC is to assist the Town with consultation regarding public art initiatives and to provide expert and community input on Public Art for the Town of Olds.  

    This Survey closed September 15 and results were presented to Town Council on October 5, 2020.

    Download the "what we heard" Supergraphics/mural survey results

    COMMUNITY STANDARDS BYLAW - Dog Specific (2019)

    The survey results regarding the Community Standards Bylaw specific to dogs was presented to Council for information. 

    Download Community Services Bylaw Survey Results

    Cannabis Legalization (2018)

    With legalization of cannabis in Canada, Council was seeking public input on proposed Land Use Bylaw amendments.

    Cannabis Legalization - (Published September 2018)

    Parks Master Plan (2017)

    The Town of Olds is guided by the Open Spaces and Trails Master Plan.  On-going community consulation is key to develop parks, trails and open spaces that met the needs of the community.  

    Parks Community Engagement - (Published March 2017)