Public Engagement


The Town of Olds strives to engage citizens when planning the community's future. Feedback gathered from the public helps council and administration make more informed decisions. We sincerely appreciate and thank you for participating!


    Mountain View Regional Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan

    The purpose of this project is to develop a regional parks, recreation, and culture master plan for the Towns of Olds, Didsbury, Carstairs and Sundre, Village of Cremona, and Mountain View County (known as the Municipal Partners). This plan will provide guidance to the Municipal Partners in making decisions that best meet the needs of their residents. Facilities and programming related to parks, recreation and culture will be the main focus of the plan.

    Surveys closed April 30 and results are now being compiled. Results will be released soon.

    Public Hearings

    See the Notice of Public Hearings page for current information.

    Website Survey

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    Town of Olds Business Impact Survey

    Managing your business during COVID-19
    A top priority during the Covid-19 crisis is to reduce the negative impact it has on your business. Your input is incredibly valuable and will provide information on how the Town could further support local businesses. 

    This survey closed on April 28th, 2021, results were shared May 10th, 2020 Council meeting.


    RCMP Policing Priorities Survey, March 2021

    Every year the Olds Detachment reaches out to residents and businesses to help determine policing priorities for our Community. Policing priorities ensure that in addition to responding to calls for service, members focus on the policing issues most important to the public.

    Read the Survey results here

    Animal Control Survey (chickens) (2020)

    Currently dogs and cats are regulated by the Town of Olds Community Standards Bylaw. With recent amendments made to the Land Use Bylaw, there is ambiguity on restrictions or allowances of other animals. Providing guidance on what is allowable with help both citizens and bylaw enforcement manage grievances the Town receives on animals beyond cats and dogs.

    This Survey is closed as of Sept. 15. Results were presented to Town Council on Oct. 5.

    Download the  "what we heard" Animal Control Survey Results 

    Supergraphics/Murals Survey (2020)

    In Olds, Supergraphics/Murals must adhere to provisions set out in the Land Use Bylaw (LUB). Currently, the Development Authority defers evaluating the merits of a mural application to the Public Arts Advisory Committee which was established by Council in 2019. The mandate of the PAAC is to assist the Town with consultation regarding public art initiatives and to provide expert and community input on Public Art for the Town of Olds.  

    This Survey is closed as of Sept. 15. Results were presented to Town Council on Oct. 5.

    Download the "what we heard" Supergraphics/mural survey results

    Budget Survey (2020)

    Each year as part of the budget process Council reviews all of the programs and services the Town provides.  Provincial legislation requires municipalities to have a balanced budget. This means money coming in (revenue) equals money going out (expenses). As we work through the challenges of COVID-19 and head into the budget season, now more than ever, ratepayers are encouraged provide input in where Council should be investing tax dollars. Your input guides Council and Administration to make informed decisions on what level of services ratepayers want to see in the community. 

    This survey closed on Oct. 2. Results were presented to Council at its October 26 meeting. 

    Download the Olds Citizen Budget Report

    Download the Budget Engagement Public Comments

    COMMUNITY STANDARDS BYLAW - Dog Specific (2019)

    The survey regarding the Community Standards Bylaw specific to dogs is now closed.  Results have been presented to Council for information. More than 400 surveys were submitted during this engagement. 

    Download Community Services Bylaw Survey Results


    The Town of Olds thanks everyone who participated in the recent Budget Talks Survey.

    Download the Budget Talks Survey results


    Engagement & Consultation Reports

    The Town of Olds strives to engage citizens when planning the future of our community. Feedback gathered through consultations and surveys help Council and Administration make more informed decisions.