Memories of Kioti Tractor Champions Cup

The Kioti Tractor Champions Cup - part of Pinty's Grand Slam of Curling - hit Olds from May 3-8 providing the town with six days of world-class curling action that saw Team Brad Gushue emerge victorious in the men's competition while Team Kerri Einarson captured the women's crown. There was also a lot of fun off the ice in the Social House where fans  enjoyed food trucks, beer gardens, big screens, games, and local live music. A special THANK YOU goes out to all the volunteers who made this event the huge success it was. Here are some photo memories of the week that Olds took to the world curling stage.

Watch the video below for a thank you message from Pinty's to the Town of Olds for making the Kioti Tractor Champions Cup a great success and continue scrolling for many photos from the week of curling action.

Rachel Homan eyes up a shot against Korea's Team EJ Kim.

Brendan Bottcher calls his sweepers to bring another rock into the house.             

Kevin Martin calls a game from the Sportsnet "studio" in the Sportsplex.

Dawn McEwen, Jocelyn Peterman and Kaitlyn Lawes of Team Jones.

Team Jones discusses strategy on the next shot.

Jennifer Jones delivers a shot against Team Peterson of the USA.

The crowd watches Rachel Homan deliver against Korea's Team EJ Kim.

Team EJ Kim sweepers bring a rock into the house against Team Homan.

Team Homan brings a rock into the house against Team EJ Kim.
Tracy Fleury delivers as Liz Fyfe and Kristen MacCuish prepare to sweep.

Kevin Koe takes a shot against Team Brad Gushue.

A full house watches Bruce Mouat of Scotland deliver a shot.

Oliver Olds was all over the place - watching Team Gushue from Pinty's Lounge...

... and taking selfies with spectators in Pinty's Lounge.

Pinty's Lounge was a great place to watch the action and share a few laughs with friends.

Olds Fire Department members were on hand to provide first aid assistance if needed.

The view from the Sportsplex bleachers.

Sofia Mabergs and Agnes Knochenhauer of Sweden's Team Hasselborg.

Kevin Koe and John Morris watch as Brad Gushue makes a shot.

Sweden's Anna Hasselborg delivers a stone vs. the Swiss Team Tirinzoni.  

Team Hasselborg discusses strategy against Team Tirinzoni.

Brad Gushue encourages his sweepers in his match against Team Koe.

Team Tirinzoni looks at shot options against Team Hasselborg.

Gabriel Dyck of Edmonton's Team Jacques shoots against Team Epping.

Oliver Olds with MP Earl Dreeshen and Mayor Judy Dahl.

Team Tirinzoni delivers against Team Hasselborg.

Team S Kim of Korea shoots in its match against Team Gunnlaugson.

Oliver Olds watches the action from Pinty's Lounge.

Ryan Jaques delivers vs. Team Epping.

Team Homan huddles during a break in the action.

Rachel Homan and Sarah Wilkes intently watch a shot come in.

Team Jacques sweepers bring a rock into  a busy house.

Cory Christensen delivers a shot against Team Homan.

Team Christensen exchanges fist bumps after a good shot.

Oliver Olds takes in the Homan-Christensen match.

Oliver Olds mixes with the spectators.

Girl Crush rocks the Social House.

Oliver Olds arrives at the Social House as Girl Crush is on stage.

Oliver Olds hits the dance floor.
Oliver Olds doesn't dance alone for long.

Another dancer (clearly from the Newfoundland contingent) joins in.

You can only dance so long before you need to take a break.

Scotland's Bruce Mouat and Hammy McMillan Jr. with Oliver Olds in the photo booth.

Team Denmark also got in on the Social House photo booth action with Oliver Olds.

Oliver Olds and Team Denmark also spent time in the Town of Olds booth with Mayor Judy Dahl.

Off-ice curling in the Social House was popular.

Members of Town Council and their guests in the Town of Olds booth.

Mayor Judy Dahl is clearly enjoying all the curling action and socializing.

Team Gushue brings a rock into a crowded house.

Grandparents can watch curling with their grandchildren and they can also play it together. 

Oliver Olds gives the Pinty's Lounge bartender a high five.

Oliver Olds gives a wave as he passed through the crowd.

Korea's EJ Kim gets down to see the line on an incoming shot.

Kerri Einarson dellivers a shot against Team EJ Kim.
Above: Olds radio personality Cory Noel cheers on his fellow Manitobans, Team Einarson.
Right: Oliver Olds bumped in to former curling champ and current Sportsnet announcer Kevin Martin in the Sportsplex lobby..

And then it was over....

... nothing but stacks of pallats where Pinty's Lounge once was.

And then even the ice was gone...

The Volunteers cannot be thanked enough for their service.