Commonly referenced Town of Olds Policies

Number Name
210C Administration Building Access
223C Asset Management
102C Brand Standards
225C Budget Adjustments
315C CAO Performance Evaluation
703C Certificates of Compliance
108C Civic Recognition
124C Civic Recognition on the Death of a Current or Former Elected Official
105C Communication and Response
804C Community Grants
201C Data Connection
702C Development Security
1002C Economic Development
107C Elected Official Appointments
125C Elected Official Budget Plan
126C Elected Official Professional Development
701C Encroachment Agreements
117C Engagement
504C Equipment Maintenance
902C Green Space Areas
204C Incident Management
207C Information System Backup
211C Investments
104C Letters of Support
115C Media Relations
401C Municipal Enforcement
119C Naming Rights
801C Nu2U Grant Guidelines
402C Operation of the Town of Olds Fire Department
301C Personnel
116C Plain Language
903C Playground Inspection and Maintenance
101C Policy and Procedure Development
114C Proclamations
120C Public Art
113C Public at Large Appointments
218C Purchasing
802C Receipt of Donations and Sponsorships
109C Recognition of Departing Elected Officials
901C Recreational Facilities and Sports Fields Use
901C Recreational Facilities and Sports Fields Use
106C Remuneration and Benefits
803C Requests for Donations, Sponsorships and Promotional Items
217C Reserves
205C Rules for Flying Flags
503C Seasonal Road Maintenance
213C Signing Authority
111C Social Media
202C Tangible Capital Assets
103C Terms of Reference
1001C Tourism
704C Town of Olds Civic Addressing
408C Use of Emergency Operations Centre
501C Utilities
502C Winter Road Maintenance
317C Workplace Violence, Bullying and Harassment