January 20, 2020 By-Election Official Results

As of noon on Friday, January 24, 2020, it is confirmed that Mitch Thomsom has been elected as Councillor for the Town of Olds.

Candidate NameVotes Cast

Bishop, Keith 

Cody, Sundai

Dobush, Darcy

Durieux, Rudolph (Rudy) Francis

Thomson, Mitch

Thompson, Janice (Jan)

Wilson, Darren 





349  (Elected)



Of the approximately 7,270 persons eligible to vote in the Town of Olds Municipal Election, 1,047 people voted.
Town of Olds Returning Officer Marcie McKinnon thanks all citizens who exercised their right to vote. The next Municipal Election will take place in October 2021.

For more information:

Marcie McKinnon, Returning Officer

Town of Olds - 403.556.6981


Council By-Election -  January 20, 2020

A By-Election was called by Council at its regular Council Meeting held October 28, 2019, following the recent resignation of a Town of Olds Council member. The By-Election has been set to take place January 20, 2020.


It is official that the following persons have filed Nomination Papers for the Town of Olds Municipal By-Election:

Bishop, Keith - Councillor
Cody, Sundai - Councillor
Dobush, Darcy - Councillor
Durieux, Rudolph (Rudy) Francis - Councillor
Thompson, Janice (Jan) - Councillor
Thomson, Mitch - Councillor
Wilson, Darren - Councillor

By-Election Information

Local Authorities Election Act

Nomination Day

Advanced Voting Days

Advanced Voting Days & Identification Requirements

Running for Office (By-Election January 20, 2020)

The next municipal by-election will be held January 20, 2020.

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