Council By-Election -  January 20, 2020

A By-Election was called by Council at its regular Council Meeting held October 28, 2019, following the recent resignation of a Town of Olds Council member. The By-Election has been set to take place January 20, 2020.


It is official that the following persons have filed Nomination Papers for the Town of Olds Municipal By-Election:

Bishop, Keith - Councillor
Cody, Sundai - Councillor
Dobush, Darcy - Councillor
Durieux, Rudolph (Rudy) Francis - Councillor
Thompson, Janice (Jan) - Councillor
Thomson, Mitch - Councillor
Wilson, Darren - Councillor

By-Election Information

Local Authorities Election Act

Nomination Day

Advanced Voting Days

Advanced Voting Days & Identification Requirements


For more information:

Marcie McKinnon, Returning Officer

Town of Olds - 403.556.6981


Running for Office (By-Election January 20, 2020)

The next municipal by-election will be held January 20, 2020.

Other Information/References