Council Members

The Town of Olds Elected Officials welcome you to Olds. Town Council is made up of seven community-minded individuals (one Mayor and six Councillors). Elections are held every four years in October, in accordance with the Municipal Government Act. Please contact any member of Town Council with your compliments or concerns.

Mayor Judy Dahl

I was born and educated in Calgary, AB and that is where I met my husband, Randy. Married in Red Deer, AB we settled, and our first child was born.  Randy and I embarked on an adventure far beyond our experience: we took on a farm homestead in the Hamlet of Cleardale, in Northern Alberta. There we began to raise our three children.
I started my passion for community work employed as a Teacher Aide at Menno Simons Community School, Fairview School Division. After the hard depression in the early 80’s we lost our farm.  We relocated back to Red Deer, and I continued work at the Pines Community School as a Teacher Aide.

Relocating with our family to Olds in 1986; I worked at the Olds Auction Mart, Olds College and Mobil Oil Canada.  In 1990, I ultimately fulfilled my desire to work in the public sector when I was hired by the Town of Olds to serve as Administrative Assistant to the Mayor, Town Council, and the Chief Administrative Officer.
My husband Randy and I believe in strong community connection through active and committed volunteerism.  We jumped in to support clubs and organizations where we could play and exercise along with our children.  This included sports, music, art, fundraiser events, wherever needed within the place we called home.
I acquired valuable municipal experience and knowledge in my 14 years as a town employee.


It was during the 2004 Municipal Election that I felt called to let my name stand to run for Mayor of Olds.  I was sworn in as Mayor for my first term on October 25, 2004 and held that position for three more terms. 
In 2021, the community called on me once again and I let my name stand to run for Mayor of Olds. I was sworn in for a fifth term on October 25, 2021.  It is a privilege to accept the votes of confidence and I pledge to work for the people of Olds with Council for the greater good of all.